Grab Your Passport: Remote Work Is Here to Stay

It’s been several months since the COVID-19 pandemic completely upended our way of life, yet experts believe we may never return to normal. As millions of people were forced to work remotely, it exposed the instability of traditional nine-to-five jobs and provided insight into the flexibility and freedom of remote working. While the freelancing industry was already on the rise, the pandemic has accelerated its growth, with a study* reporting that over 2 million Americans have started freelancing over the past 12 months. It is this same desire for autonomy and disillusionment with traditional corporate jobs that motivated Shannon Fairweather and Daniel Linger to co-found their online marketing agency and lifestyle brand Doing The Most, which allows them to work and travel while inspiring others to do the same.

“The 9-to-5 is often described as the ‘safe route.’ That’s never really resonated for me or Shannon because at the end of the day, you’re putting faith in somebody else to keep you secure,” says Linger. “That doesn’t mean there aren’t great 9-to-5 jobs out there, but for us, taking matters into our own hands and creating our own security has always made the most sense.”

While the couple’s brand was founded before the pandemic hit, it has validated their mission to inspire others to ditch their nine-to-fives and turn their passions into their livelihoods. “I think the overall mindset towards working from your computer and working remotely has changed. There’s becoming more of an acceptance for that, which is great for us because we want to help and inspire the 18-year-olds or even the moms who feel tied down to a certain job,” says Fairweather. For those who have experienced the perks of self-employment, there is no going back. According to Upwork’s study, 60% of post-COVID-19 freelancers say no amount of money would convince them to go back to a traditional job.

Through a mix of online advertising, lead generation and social media management, the pair are able to earn revenue while traveling. They promote their exotic excursions on their Instagram page to demonstrate to others that it’s possible to live a fulfilled life outside the traditional corporate sphere. Just this year they have visited Ireland, Madrid, Australia, New Zealand, and Aruba. A glance at their Instagram page reveals their life is just as exciting as it sounds. With pictures of purple sunsets in New Zealand and videos of sky-diving and river-rafting, the couple hopes to show others the possibilities that await them if they embrace the world of remote work.  “We want to help people find their life’s mission and let them know that their crazy dreams are absolutely possible,”  says Fairweather. “I would love to help as many people become financially independent from wherever they want to be.”

According to Linger, anyone can work for themselves. “Pick a skill. Find a connection. Get to work,” he says. It’s important to be organized and disciplined. “The way we fit in travel with work is that we are really good at designating certain times for certain things,” says Fairweather. “However, we always leave time for fun.” As the saying goes, those who work hard, play hard, which is why the couple is diligent about carving out time to work while abroad. “Before we travel, we make sure to get as much done as possible so we can enjoy our trips,” she says. “When we travel, we fit in quick 30-40 minute work sessions at the beginning or end of each day.”

Linger and Fairweather are among the generation of Millenials and Gen Z’s who are driving the trend against traditional employment. One of the greatest factors is the desire for variety, as younger generations are unwilling to endure decades of monotony offered by the same job. In fact, a report found that 91% of Millenials will not stay in a position for more than two years. For Fairweather and Linger, every day is different, and it can be for you too. “We want to show that you can work from wherever you want and still do other things that you truly want to do,” says Fairweather.

Learn more about Doing The Most on their website.

*Click here for the study mentioned in this article.

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