Graham Kramer Back To The Scene – Producer Confirms Major News

Graham N Kramer is one of those who artists who always see a vision bigger than their music alone. In his case, it has lead him to giving major music festivals in the United States a face, and setting standards on how to attract major audiences across multiple genres.

A vision, that goes hand in hand with his artistic approach. Breaking barriers between scenes such as hip-hop, electronic dance music and pop, he gives and edge to the sound of mainstream, without missing out on the wide audience.

So for fans and industry professionals, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he is strongly rumoured to have artists such as Justin Bieber, Lil’ Pump and Diplo all lined up for his next project. After going into the studio to fully focus on the creative process, Kramer has confirmed that the fruits are ready to be served, with mentioned high calibre features part of the deal.

The only question that he left unanswered for now is when we will be able to expect to hear the new music. We’re hopeful Graham Kramer won’t have his fans waiting to the extend of a Kanye West, and are looking forward to see his credits back in the Billboard 100.

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