How Grant Cardone Built a $500 Million Dollar Empire (James Bond Style)

When Grant Cardone was a kid, he wanted nothing other than to be a superhero, a baseball star, and James Bond. But then life happened, and the world tried to squash him. Everything from drug addictions to poverty hit him, and he went from middle class to poor, to even poorer.
But that wasn’t about to stop the James Bond-like spirit of Grant Cardone. Cardone went on to build a massive $500 million dollar real estate empire; he became a sales training rockstar, massive social media influencer; he has numerous books and courses out, but perhaps none more important than his latest obsession, Be Obsessed or Be Average.
This book was extremely important for Cardone to write, and I was fortunate to go deep with him on this interview where we talk about the mindset he utilized to become massively successful and how to leverage the obsessive energy inside all of us.
In this video interview, Grant Cardone revealed some of his deepest success secrets to me that helped build his massively successful empire.
Watch the interview below and be on the lookout for a critical point he makes, that was one of the keys to his success:
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