Greystar Achieves major Lift in Lead-to-Tour Conversion with MeetElise’s AI

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What happens when an AI joins the leasing team? 10 Greystar communities added MeetElise’s AI leasing assistant to their teams to provide 24/7 responses to prospects via email and SMS, schedule appointments and perform follow-up touches.  

With artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionizing so many industries, Greystar wanted to test whether AI could do the same for its leasing operations. Greystar chose to partner with MeetElise to have an AI-powered Leasing Assistant work with the leasing teams at 10 communities (2,407 units) for a 3-month pilot.  By comparing key metrics vs. the same 3-month period a year earlier, Greystar used the pilot to determine: 

  1. Will prospects appreciate interacting with Emily as much as they do a human leasing professional?
  2. Can AI convert prospects to appointments as well as a human leasing agent?
  3. Can AI enable the team to handle double the number of prospects?
  4. How much time can AI save our teams for dedicating to other activities?

“Our goal going into this was to see if AI could match our agent conversion rates. Now we’re not only meeting our prospect to appointment performance, but we’re also significantly improving it with MeetElise”, said Brandon Chinn, Greystar’s Director of Innovation.

Here’s what humans and AI were able to achieve together:  112% increase in lead to tour conversion; 317% increase in appointments; 2+ hours saved every day.

MeetElise’s AI Leasing Assistant is powered by state-of-the-art conversational machine learning models that MeetElise’s team has customized to maximize leasing team performance.  This means prospects can’t distinguish her from a human on the leasing team – they’ve even asked her out on dates – and she always messages back in 5-10 minutes, 24 hours a day.

The AI uses email and SMS to handle inquiries from every marketing source (community website,, Google, etc.), whether a prospect submits a contact form or calls in and chooses to text their questions in. Additionally, the AI is fully integrated with the property management software to ensure the most updated pricing and availability are offered. And like the perfect leasing assistant, the AI logs all activity in the CRM guest card to ensure a seamless handoff to the leasing team when a prospect comes in for an appointment.

All 10 communities in the pilot continued with Emily because of her impact on their performance, and the power to handle today’s 24/7 nature of leasing, and how much prospects and teams loved working with AI.  

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