Griffin Raphael Launches own Crypto Token, Raphael (RPL)

Raphael launches crypto token

As cryptocurrency becomes more valuable in society than ever, visionary and international DJ, artist, & influencer, Griffin Raphael launched his latest endeavor: the Raphael (RPL) cryptocurrency.

The influencer & CEO of AR Studios, Griffin Raphael has worked on this endeavor during the past year. The tech visionary is known for his NFT art as well as music and has upcoming tracks with many of the greatest in hip-hop today. Raphael’s coin is the future of technology and the NFT art communities. Raphael’s art is currently being displayed in Beijing, China at the world’s largest digital art exhibit. The musician & influencer is working with NFT producer and crypto-musician Godcloud on exclusive content for the supporters of the Raphael (RPL) coin.

The Raphael (RPL) coin will help bring the NFT community closer together through exclusive experiences for early adopters of the coin. Griffin Raphael told us that this new endeavor allows emerging creatives and fans to drive the music forward through shared passions of crypto-art and entertainment. The future of art is already here & Raphael is revolutionizing the NFT world as we know it.


Written by Ali Raza

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