Why would you want to grow your TikTok account?

Even if you don’t think that your brand or niche would go well on TikTok, you should still be on there.

This is mainly because TikTok’s growth so far has been unstoppable with over a billion users, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Once you’ve got a good idea of how the newest social media sharing app works, the next step is to grow your profile – but how do you do that? Let’s talk about it, and I’ll also go over my secret growth hack at the end (Hint: check out TokUpgrade).

Here’s how to grow your TikTok account.

1. Make Your Profile Picture Friendly

You’ll already know about this from using other social media accounts to expand your brand. The more approachable your profile picture is, the more attention your content will get.

Here’s a bonus tip that only applies to TikTok: you can use a video, which is going to appeal to people even more.

2. Get Your Profile Right

This is another tip that you can translate right from other social media platforms. The longer people will stick around, the more relevant, succinct, and appealing your profile description is.

Be clear about what you want to communicate and try to be as original as you can.

We also recommend checking out the profiles of influencers that you look up to, so that you can learn from what they’re doing. There’s no harm in using a call to action, which encourages people to check out your content.

Right now, you can’t include a link, but this will change at some point, hopefully.

3. Share Your Other Social Media Channels

If you want to encourage your other online communities to check out your TikTok, then you’ll need to include your other socials on your TikTok profile and vice versa.

There’s no better way to debut a brand new TikTok profile than to share it with your existing followers elsewhere.

4. Find Self-Made Influencers

While there are a lot of celebrities that have already taken to TikTok, there are also quite a few influencers that have made their own name on the newest social media sharing app, without any existing claim to fame.

These kinds of influencers are the ones worth following for inspiration. They’ll also help you keep up with viral trends, too.

If you’ve just made a video that’s similar to one an influencer has put up, then you know you’ve got a pretty good chance of going viral at some point.

5. Keep Your Videos Short

As a rule, you can only upload videos to TikTok that are 60 seconds or less. However, even with this restriction, the average video’s recommended time is a lot shorter: only 8 to 15 seconds.

This is because the average attention span of a TikTok user is pretty short. If your video is too long, then they will simply skip over it, and you’ll lose that potential follower.

TikTok will also increase your reach if they can see that people are watching your videos until the end.

6. Use Popular Songs

Another way that TikTok is unique to social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter is that songs and music play a pivotal role in everyone’s content.

People on TikTok are used to turning on the sound when watching videos, so you need to make sure that you’re using popular songs that people will recognize and enjoy instantly.

The more popular your song, the more likely TikTok will pick up on your video and will decide to feature it. It could end up generating a lot of traffic just because of the song you’ve used.

7. Use Popular Hashtags

How’s your hashtag game on your other social media channels? The more familiar you are with using trending hashtags, the better you will be able to apply them to your TikTok content.

You can either use a hashtag generator outside of TikTok or simply put a hashtag into the search bar to see what comes up. TikTok will show you how popular it is, just like Instagram, which can help you decide whether to use it or not.

Using trending hashtags will increase your chances of being featured on the page of that hashtag.

8. Make the Most of Viral Challenges

While you might want to be as original as possible, there is one strategy you have to adopt that involves you being similar to everyone else, and that’s participating in viral TikTok challenges.

As soon as you find a challenge that’s quickly going viral, create one of your own with a twist on it to make it somewhat original. Videos that feature a viral challenge have a better chance of doing well than those that don’t.

9. Know When to Post

It’s all very well coming up with cool content ideas, but if you don’t post at the right times, you could be shortening your content’s lifespan.

When it comes to the right time to post, there’s no one right time. It’s going to vary depending on the day and the timezone that you’re in.

The first thing you need to do is figure out where the majority of your audience is located. If they’re located in Italy, for example, you’ll want to try to stick to Italy’s timezone as best you can. You can check out all your TikTok analytics by upgrading to a TikTok Pro account for free.

10. Network With the Big Guys

You will give yourself a really good chance of doing well on TikTok if you work out how to network with the big influencers.

You can either do this by making your niche and industry clear or getting in touch with them directly and regularly interacting with their content. It might take a while, but the more you try to connect with them, the greater your chances will increase.

11. Connect With Your Audience by Livestreaming

Once you’ve hit the 1K goal on TikTok, you can start doing live streams with your audience. When you’re live, your followers will be notified, and that notification will stay there until you’re not live anymore.

This is a great way to keep popping up in front of your followers to make sure that they don’t forget about you. It also gives you an opportunity to build a closer bond with the people that follow you.

12. Share Your Content Elsewhere

Not only should you connect your other social media channels with your TikTok profile, but you should also share your TikTok content over there. Cross-promotion can go a long way to increase your chances of going viral and being seen by more people.

13. Make Sure Your Thumbnails Are Engaging

What’s one of the first things people see when they’re scrolling through your content? Your thumbnail. The more appealing your thumbnails are, the more likely TikTok users will click on your content to check it out.

14. Maintain Consistency

One of the most critical aspects of your TikTok growth is being consistent. While you might not feel like you’re getting anywhere, in the beginning, you won’t go very far without persisting with it and being consistent about uploading content.

To keep people around and interested in your profile, you need to post content consistently. Try to upload at least one video a day, and make sure that your overall profile theme is the same with each piece of content, too.

15. Try a Growth Service

If you simply don’t think you have the time to spend on your account, you can always grow your account by outsourcing your engagement strategy to a TikTok growth company such as TokUpgrade.

The TikTok marketing and growth service industry is big, and it’s getting bigger all the time. This means that there are now plenty of reputable growth services out there to choose from.

Growth services can automate your interactions with others, and if they focus on your target audience, you’ll be able to see your TikTok followers and views grow gradually but successfully. Make sure to pick one that has a good reputation, and only deals with real, active users.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! The definitive list on how to grow your TikTok account. You might not find it easy at first, but once you’ve learned the ropes and know how to apply your engagement strategy, it’ll be a piece of cake.

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