GROWWITHJO, The Revolutionary Fitness App Changing Lives

Johanna Sophia – fitness leader, social media dynamo, and mother – is yet to find the limits of her power. With a YouTubechannel that reshapes how her community works out from home, and an app that puts her holistic health and fitness wisdom right at your fingertips, Jo’s brand – growwithjo – invites you to step into your power with a strong and positive coach at your side.

A healthy workout routine starts with training your mind. Jo’s smile and energy is infectious. Her positivity has given countless members of the growwithjo community the confidence to step into their fitness journey. In a health and fitness landscape that leaves many beginners daunted, discouraged, and unsure where to start, Johanna Sophia’sgrowing community enjoys a leader who helps them find the unique perfect for them.

With a holistic mindset, Jo tells beginners that stepping into your true power starts with routines “you can do consistently – whatever you enjoy, whatever brings you joy, the challenge is moving your body every single day.” In a space packed with one-size-fits-all approaches, this message is a cool glass of water – enjoyed after an effective workout led by a positive teacher.

With the growwithjo app, Johanna Sophia’s revolutionary guidance for health and fitness can come tailored for you. Built from the ground up with a focus on both the mental and the physical, Jo designed the app to be a personal map towards your true strength and power. Beyond workouts curated to your personal fitness goals, users enjoy a nutrition plan, grocery lists, breath meditations, and devotions of Scripture for the spiritual – to fuel both mind and body as you smash your health and fitness goals.

Ditch the bland, dry, or expensive meals typically associated with the health and fitness space. The app’s nutrition plan is designed to help you find inexpensive and tasty meals that nourish you and empower you to feel and perform with excellence – in life and in fitness.

growwithjo is the result of Jo’s own journey towards growth, and her passion for sharing the confidence and strength unlocked by consistent health and fitness practices.

Studying kinesiology in Canada, Jo developed a love for training people from all walks of life. This drove her to working at a local box gym, where she realised “how much impact I could have on somebody’s life – if I were to show them the right way through fitness.”

Jo, at the time, was in the bodybuilding world. Preparation for shows was demanding, all-consuming, and mentally unhealthy. Jo had to figure out balance: a holistic approach that brought health and fitness to all aspects of her life. This she attributes as the revelation that would soon become the famous growwithjo brand.

Johanna Sophia gave birth to her son the day that Toronto went into lockdown for the first time in March 2020. Homebound with a newborn, and with gyms boarded up in the fight against Covid-19, Jo shifted her focus to the home workout.

Instead of trying to bounce back to who she had been prior to motherhood and a pandemic, Jo wanted to “become a different version of me.”

Posting a walking series through the early stages of lockdown, and moving quickly to recording full workouts for YouTube, Jo’s approach to health and fitness was infectious – her experience, goals, and ever positive mindset resonated with people worldwide. It took a year for the growwithjocommunity to reach 200,000 YouTube subscribers. Now, only a year after, that number is pushing two million.

For her impactful message, innovative workouts, and highly-produced content, Jo’s community has given back ten-fold. Jo breathes life and affirmation into people around the world who are accomplishing their goals and her community sends back an ocean of positivity.

The channel, among other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, has become an outlet for Jo to share her own growth through mental health. Jo says that she is “a part of a greater sisterhood” – and anyone seeking growth is welcome!

A health and fitness plan should be easy to understand, while bringing your body a positive challenge. The growwithjo app, the latest element of Jo’s rising fitness empire, is built with the philosophy that consistency is key. With steps that are simple and enjoyable, an effective routine will follow!

All these essential tools to step into your true power can be found in the growwithjo app. Download it today!

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