GRY Shows His Gift For Imaginative Pop on ‘Now or Never’

Partnering up with Thomas Gold and Nevve, the Taipei based producer reveals the pop sensibilities and adventurous production style that have made him such  a promising young talent.

Since his early days hosting warehouse parties in his hometown, GRY has always had an uncanny ability to bring people together through music.  He does this by combining stunning visual storytelling with a style of production that is nearly impossible not to get lost in.  On is latest single, he uses this formula to incredible effect, resulting in one of his most powerful creations to date.

‘Now Or Never’ opens with a strong performance from Nevve, while GRY creates a dreamy soundscape full of possibilities.  There is a palpable build-up of energy, filled with soaring synths and gentle melodies before GRY finally drops his hypnotic beat.  DJ GRY shows himself to be a master of tension and release as he continues to keep listeners on the edge of their seats.  It is a strong statement from one of the most unique young artists in the scene today.

‘Now Or Never’ is available everywhere now.

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