Guiding Countless Men in the Domain of Sexual Intimacy: Stirling Cooper

One can attain maximum satisfaction in life, personally and professionally, when they use their talents and experiences, not only for themselves but also for the betterment of the community and people. Eventually, a person grows and develops when they teach others through their experiences. One such man, who is doing the same, is Stirling Cooper, an award-winning actor in the porn industry.

Stirling’s career path before the porn industry

Stirling Cooper was born in rural Western Australia. At the beginning of his career, Cooper uses to work in the Swinging scene and the PUA scene. Later, he spent several years in Australia working as a high-class male companion, where he would service wealthy businesswomen and fulfill live cuckold fantasies for desiring couples. His life had never been simple.

Cooper’s shift from escort services to the porn industry

Stirling began his career in the porn industry in 2017, when he shot for smaller studios based in Melbourne. Later, he moved to the United Kingdom and used his experience and connections to mark his entry into the British & US Porn industry. Cooper got cast by big names, such as, Brazzers, Penthouse, Rocco Siffredi, Hustler, and others. He’s an award-winning adult performer and has gained tremendous experience and popularity in the industry.

Stirling’s Guidance through YouTube

At present, Cooper uses his wealth of experience as a professional sex machine to teach men how to improve their own sex lives. Through his YouTube channel, Stirling also helps enlighten men on the virtues of living an unapologetically masculine life.

Considerable achievements listed by Stirling Cooper

Cooper is an award-winning Adult Film Star and a former high-class companion to wealthy businesswomen. He also acts as a surrogate big brother to thousands of men globally by helping them improve their relationships. He guides men everywhere to overcome performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation.

Stirling’s advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs

 Cooper says that money loves speed. He suggests the budding entrepreneurs act decisively. ‘You’ll never be able to foresee everything that could go wrong in advance. Therefore, don’t procrastinate by trying.’ marks Stirling.

Upcoming goals for 2021 stated by Stirling

Stirling Cooper states that he will upload some more video courses at the request of his followers. ‘Certain topics like Dirty Talking in the bedroom, for example, have been highly requested.’ says Stirling.


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