Gujarat’s Harshad B Shimpi aka DJ Hari Surat speaks about achieving mammoth success in the music industry

DJ Hari Surat
Success is not an overnight process. It takes years to achieve what you once dreamt of. Nothing worth having indeed comes easy in life, and DJ Hari Surat has proved it with his incredible work. Originally known by the name Harshad B Shimpi, he began his career in 2008. With an experience of more than ten years in the industry, DJ Hari Surat has not just gained popularity across Gujarat but has even earned a reputation all over India. In the initial stage of his career, the DJ performed at various parties, events, wedding functions in Gujarat that saw him grab the attention of everyone.
Gradually with time, the supremely talented DJ took his work beyond Gujarat. With having performed in cities like Surat, Vadodara and Ahmedabad, DJ Hari Surat has made the audience tap to his foot-tapping numbers in different pubs and clubs across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore. However, besides making mashups and mixes, music creation is what fascinated the talented DJ. To be unique from his contemporaries, DJ Hari Surat started with Gujarati remixes that got a great reception from the audience.
Since 2017, he has worked and created more than 150 official Gujarati music remixes. DJ Hari Surat during the time of lockdown has been instrumental in entertaining the audience with his original mixes. “As a DJ, I believe that my main aim is to bring out enthusiasm and force people to groove to my tunes. I feel happy when people compliment me that my desi tunes bring out the best in them”, he revealed.
Moreover, DJ Hari Surat in an exceptional career has worked with some of the well-known Gujarati celebrities and influencers. Additionally, the DJ has worked with the most reputed music labels of Gujarat including Raghav Digital, Studio Saraswati, T-Series Gujarati, RDC Gujarati, Karma Vision and many more. Speaking about associating with these big record labels, “I feel that Gujarati music has its charm. It should reach out to a wider audience. I hope that my work can take Gujarati music to a new level.”
Well, the young and dynamic artist has contributed his best to bring Gujarati music to the forefront. Highlighting some of his best works so far, DJ Hari Surat has given many chartbusters including Bewafa Mashup, Dil Ma lai Ne Dard Fare 2, Mane Chhodyo Kaya Karne, Ekdanta, Aashu Tu Mane Badnam Na Kar, Parane Malya Pan Bewafa Malya, Shashre Jaine Pagal Bahu Pastaso and many more. On the work front, DJ Hari Surat has got various other music projects in the pipeline and he plans to release them soon.

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