Gursewak Singh Jaisal’s Odyssey of Being the Change and Promoting Entrepreneurship.

GenZ is passionate about its ambitions. They are aware of the skillsets they need to be successful. But still, most of the younger generation don’t meet their goals because of the lackof opportunities. To overcome this problem, WAF Entrepreneurs is lending a helping hand to the youth and promoting Entrepreneurship.

The firm uplifts several local brands and assists the youth in their professional journey. Your skillsets won’t drive you towards your goal until you start recognizing opportunities and work with diligence and Gursewak Singh Jaisal knows this better than anyone else.

Gursewak Singh Jaisal paved his way towards success by kickstarting his professional journey at the age of 18. Gaining experience in Tourism, Backstage handling, Event Management, and  Photography helped Gursewak enhance his skillsets.

During his college days, he founded theworldsfilmandartsorganization. Conducting several events and short films under this banner has helped him to grow his skill exponentially. He has graduated from a reputed college in  Chandigarh and has also aced his Masters. But he didn’t want to limit his knowledge and hence he started seeking experience.

After doing several jobs at big firms and joining his family’s media legacy, Gursewak realized his passion for having a positive impact on people’s life.  While surfing across social media, Gursewak Singh Jaisal came across WAF Entrepreneurs.  

After realizing that the firm’s motive is similar to his, Gursewak decided to join hands with them.  His zeal allowed him to reach the pinnacle of success and today he has become the Director of  WAF Entrepreneurs. By connecting with several people, he has helped thousands of people and assisted them in their business. His team is always at people’s beck and call and they do everything in their power to meet people’s needs.  

Gursewak Singh Jaisal’s inquisitive mind has allowed him to venture into several professional paths. He, along with the WAF Entrepreneurs, has worked on several IT and Real Estate  Projects.

Working with firms like Samsung and Hitachi for a couple of years has benefitted him and the firm in several ways. Being a producer for an International Punjabi news channel named  Juspunjabi was no less than a challenge. But Gursewak’s determination never allowed him to back down from a challenge.  

When asked about success, Gursewak Singh Jaisal says that “ One should start seeking for opportunities as soon as possible. Every profession allows you to learn something. The only  way to succeed in life is to start taking risks and start exploring different professions.”

Even after being at the height of success, Gursewak is busy building his portfolio. Currently, he along with the firm has started working in the field of networking. By coming up with network4group,  Gursewak is ready to maneuver his way to success in the field of networking.

He also founded Orange Ventures which is already a huge success in the Real Estate field. Gursewak Singh Jaisal’s main motive is to assist people in their development and one can say that nothing will stop him till he reaches his goals.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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