HackersvellA: An Initiative to Make the Internet a Safer Place to Work

Nowadays, it is not surprising to hear about various cyber crimes which include dangerous incidents like hacking of a bank account, cyberbullying, etc. Thus, the demand for Cyber Security Experts is rising day by day. Nowadays, we are fully surrounded by data like our financial transactions, social media apps, and even government IDs, etc. so, we cannot really escape the threats of cybercrimes and so, keeping this in mind, cybersecurity is becoming a necessity. 

The volume of digital and cyber data assets has led to multiplying the need for monitoring and securing this data thus leading to the increase in demand for cybersecurity experts.

SpidervellA Technologies, a Bangalore Based EduTech Company is a leading brand in Cyber Security to provide solutions in IT Sectors. SpidervellA has its own specialized training program in cybersecurity named HackersvellA where the aspirants are trained on various technologies, security needs, offensive and defensive techniques, Vulnerability analysis, Penetration Testing, and many more. They are building futuristic techno minds. 

HackersvellA team is emerging as an Indian Cyber Security Force with an agenda to protect the digitals of the organization. This program is mainly for the candidates who want to make their career in the IT industry as cybersecurity experts.

To get into HackersvellA, SpidervellA Technologies follows the unique selection process, in which candidates have to pass an entrance examination and interview process. HackersvellA Cyber Security Training comprises mainly five phases as Basic; Advance; Master; Expert; Projects;  Candidates will master the techniques that hackers use to penetrate network systems and leverage them ethically to protect the infrastructure and data.

Mr. Akash Shrivastava and Mr. Sushil Kumar are leading the organization with a view of creating more cyber warriors in India to protect the digitals of the organizations. SpidervellA Technologies is also bridging the gap between the industries and institutions by providing skills and development training to young minds in various technologies like Data Science; the Internet of Things; Cyber Security. Ms. Nirmala Shetty is an entrepreneur whose goal is to provide equal space and opportunities for women at the workplace. She has built effective strategies for women’s economic empowerment by applying a holistic and integrated approach, and she is constantly working on diminishing the barriers between the genders.

More information about HackersvellA Cyber Security training can be found on their website  https://www.spidervella.com/  or send an email at info@spidervella.com to know more.

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