Haitian-born Film Director Roodmy Poulard Shares His Journey to Success

The film industry is very hard to break into. However, Haitian-born film director and cinematographer Roodmy Poulard has proved to the world that no goal is too difficult if you are ready to work for it. 

Currently located in LA, he works with Sean Combs as a cinematographer for “Puff Daddy”. With multiple skills and a fresh style of storytelling, he also secured prestigious projects with Netflix, Pandora, Revolt and HBO. His journey so far hasn’t been a smooth ride. It was long and challenging, yet Roomy Poulard persisted. 

You can get a closer glimpse into his life through his Instagram page that has beautifully encapsulated his inspiring journey.

How He Ventured Into The Creative Field of Filmmaking

He started his journey as a trained hip-hop dancer and got the first taste of behind-the-camera responsibilities as a music video producer. These projects spiked his creativity and pushed him forward in this industry.

After his stint as a music video producer, he was hired to film a documentary for Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. The experience increased his craving for filmmaking and paved the way for him to indulge in more filmmaking projects with politicians of South Africa. 

Gaining substantial experience from these projects, he finally took a leap of faith and moved to New York in 2015. In his initial days, he had gigs with B.E.T. This is when he met his mentor, renowned photographer and director Marc Baptiste. 

During his tenure with Baptiste, he worked on a project for Quincy Brown. Roomy Poulard had already taken his skills and cinematic brilliance to a pro-level by then. Quincy Brown not only loved his work but also encouraged him to move to LA to broaden his horizons.

When he arrived in LA, he had to start all over to build his name again. He only had his camera, a portfolio of previous projects, and endless faith in himself.

Today, he is not just a renowned director but also the founder of Poulard Films. Through his independent ventures, he aims to meet and collaborate with like-minded creative people and produce brilliant content that the world hasn’t witnessed before. 

Roodmy Poulard is currently juggling between his independent projects and a network job, but despite his busy schedule, his determination to sharpen his skills remains constant.

How Roomy Poulard Defied All the Challenges of His Journey

Professional challenges weren’t the only obstacles in his path. Coming from Haiti where there is no electricity sometimes for weeks and months, sustaining a career in filmmaking was exceptionally challenging. The concept of lighting plays a major role in filmmaking and without electricity, arranging the perfect lighting was impossible.

However, he converted this setback into his strength and developed a unique approach to lighting inspired by the colors and tones he grew up seeing. This is one of the major factors that adds a fresh perspective to his work.

The list of challenges he faced were many but what sustained him was his belief in himself and the will to work hard. With his talent and an insatiable thirst for filmmaking, Roodmy Poulard is certainly the next big thing to hit Hollywood.

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