“Hamburg Boy” Shokran Parwani Fights His Way to a German Champion Title

An Afghan southpaw who calls Hamburg, Germany, the home has taken the German boxing scene by storm. Currently ranked seventh in Germany, Shokran is just one of very few southpaw stance fighters. Even with the statistical advantage of a left-handed boxer, Shokran has proven to be an advanced and knowledgeable fighter. His 15-0 record backs up his reputation. But he didn’t get there alone.

Much of his success Shokran credits to his supportive family and trainers. First, as sparring partners with world class Russian fighters, Shokran began his professional career at the age of 24.

Shokran has spent a significant amount of time exploring and expanding his network and skills through internationally renowned trainers. From Spain to Russia to Las Vegas, Shokran has put in the work to become an accomplished boxer. His time in Las Vegas proved to be especially memorable. Shokran spoke of training with the Cuban boxing legend Ismael Salas and world champion Rances Barthélemy. Shokran lives and breathes training saying, “Training requires a balance to holistically prepare the body for a fight.”

Shokran understands the balance of life and putting in effort into the mental, physical, social, and intellectual sides of life. Because of this the professional boxer actively gives back to the community and younger generations of boxers. When he isn’t spending his time in the gym training, he is producing content for his YouTube channel focused on training and personal development. His channel is also filled with highlights of his twelve knockouts in only fifteen professional matches.

While boxing maybe his life, a much more important facet to his life is his family, especially his son. His pride in his son shines through when he said, “I want to pass on this legacy, and I am proud of my son. All my love goes to him and everything I want to achieve. I want to make him strong and emphatic. He gives me the strength to do my best every day and he gives me hope to achieve my goals.” It is clear that Shokran is not just an accomplished fighter, but also an accomplished man and father.

You can find out more about Shokran Parwani and follow his current and future goals on his website shokran-parwani.com and on his Instagram @shokranparwani. For training and more personalized content subscribe to his YouTube channel @S P.

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