Hamiz Khan: From Dropping out of High School to Becoming a Massively Successful Entrepreneur

Hamiz Khan: from dropping out of high school to becoming a massively successful entrepreneur

Most students who have a 3.5-4.0 GPA in high school work hard to maintain their grades and look forward to college. Hamiz Khan did things a little differently. On purpose, he crashed and burned his final year in high school, failing every subject so he would not graduate. Khan’s parents intended for him to go to college, but he had different plans.

Khan was fascinated by the world of e-commerce and wanted to be his own boss. At 10, he was fascinated with the internet and all of the financial opportunities it had to offer. Shortly after that, he learned how to code. Khan also wrote bots, which he used for automated web purchases.

Instead of going to class, Khan headed to the library. He read every book and watched every video he could find about online selling. Thanks to his bots, he was getting packages in the mail every day from online stores. It reached a point where his parents thought he was selling drugs.

Realizing the malware and bots could land him in hot water, Khan began reselling on eBay. He found items online, posted them on eBay for a much higher price, and drop-shipped the third-party articles to his customer directly from the other website. By the time Khan was 14, he was making around $3000 a week in profits. When he was 15, he had his own Shopify store and saw upwards of $1000-$2000-a-day in net profits.

It was too much too soon for this teenager. Due to mismanagement, this business failed, and Khan lost most of the money he had made. It took seven years of trial-and-error before he roared back into the world of e-commerce. This time, he was prepared. At 19, he had his first 7-figure brand and saw $3-$4 million in sales by 22. Khan achieved this by tapping into the lucrative sneaker reselling market.

The drawback to this market is its inconsistency. Khan knew that the real asset was a brand, this being the route to steady income. Using his analytical skills, he learned the psychology of multi-million-dollar global brands and transitioned what he saw to his own enterprise.  With that, Khan founded Kickked and KickLabs, which offer men’s and women’s handmade custom shoes. The brand was a hit and has reached more than 25 million customers across the globe.

While he is currently the furthest he has ever been in his e-commerce career, Khan is also far from where he wants to be. For now, he manages the team that runs his business as he enjoys more free time.

Hamiz Khan wanted to be his own boss and enjoy the money he made while young enough to enjoy life truly. He has certainly achieved those goals, but he wants more, and he is willing to take risks to get what he wants.

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