Hani Asfar Strikes Again With an Additional new Vision and Project to the Market

Hani Asfar strikes again with an additional new Vision and project to the market; the first WebRadio in the Mena Region that is solely dedicated to business and finance.

Its name is “AlMustashar” WebRadio in other words The Consultant WebRadio is inspired by the nickname of its founder Hani Asfar that he acquired through the years.

To understand more who lies behind this first-time project, Hani Asfar is an International Economic Advisor, and International Judge in the court of dispute resolution, CEO of Royal Chartered Bankers, Consultant in the Arab Exporters Group – Malaysia, Consultant in the Palm Oil Organization – Malaysia, Consultant in Top Index Company – Turkey, Member of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Member – Advisor to the American Jordanian Chamber of Commerce, Certified Adviser candidate at UNESCO, Member of the World Trade Organization of the International Monetary Bank.

On a personal level and the businesses that he established, they both got many awards over the years and were proven as reputable and professional success.

Hani Asfar lately decided to establish “AlMustashar” WebRadio which will be the source of the latest breaking political, economic, geopolitical market news and analysis with live streaming shows that will deal with economics and business.

The aim behind this project was the determination of Hani Asfar to correct the wrong ideas the Arab World mainly has regarding financial companies and to the world of investment and finance. He insists and puts all his resources and efforts to help investors by firstly empowering them by educating them and by raising their awareness.

As he considers his client’s base as one big family and puts their wellbeing and interest in the heart of his businesses, he aspires to bring the same spirit to all the investors. “AlMustashar” WebRadio is meant to become the sole source of knowledge people rely on to get a deeper understanding of the business world to have better-informed decision-making.

When Hani Asfar decides to launch a new project, he doesn’t do things small. On the contrary, he mobilizes all his resources and puts all his soul into it. “AlMustashar” WebRadio is available to download on both Google Store as well as Apple Store.

Besides the high technical part this project has, Hani Asfar put firmly high standard values that the WebRadio cannot deviate from. These values are the common ground all his businesses should incorporate, high professionalism, transparency, credibility, and trustworthiness.

Hani Asfar never ceases to surprise everyone in the market with his new visions and proactive behavior as he doesn’t wait to act to follow their lead. Quite the opposite, he is always a first mover in everything he does and considers every new project as a new challenge, and doesn’t accept failure as an option.

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