Hani Zeini Explains the Significance of Modern Technology for Children

Parents are concerned about the exposure of their children to screen media and technology. Studies reveal that screen time and active technology may help develop and improve the child’s learning ability. Providing the child with exposure to the digital world only increases their communicative skills and task habits. They get an opportunity to indulge in various applications and platforms specially designed to improve children’s behavior and learning habits. Hence, Hani Zeini draws the attention of parents towards the benefits of screen time and active technology.

Children have enormous minds; too huge to be contained. Where in the past they just had workmanship supplies like pastels and shaded markers available to them to get those thoughts out and into a conveyable structure, they currently have PCs, tablets, thus substantially more to help them transform such musings into the real world.

You must explore technology for the benefit of children:

It improves hand-eye coordination.

When the child follows visual instructions, it improves their coordination skills. It is essential for those children who are learning the use of eyes and hands for drawing and writing.

Its impact on language skills.

When children indulge in idle screen time, they develop their language skills. When they have access to online stories and read eBooks, they get an opportunity to learn new words and pronounce them. There are various language development tools available to offer multi-sensory engagement. It helps in providing support to the learning process in the long run.

It aids cognitive development.

When children are at their formative stage of education in any primary school, it is essential to provide them with technology exposure. According to Hani Zeini, technology becomes a vital tool that provides them with the necessary skills and thereby prepares them for school. There are various computer programs that help in increasing their logical understanding and reading capacity. Moreover, it also polishes some skills, like reading, writing, and drawing.

It increases visual attention capacity.

Learning applications and gaming equip the child for paying attention to the details. It also increases their concentration level as they are fully engaged in the video game. The game hero becomes a role model for them and plays a crucial role in influencing the child. Further, the game provides them with various simultaneous activities that train the child by improving concentration and following instructions.

It increases motivation.

Many activities and computer applications encourage children to complete a particular task. There are various learning games specially designed to help establish a learning foundation for the child. The child keeps on trying to overcome the challenges of each level to get to the end.

Interactive media may be an avenue where the child explores their talent. When you expose your child to the digital world, they are open to enormous opportunities. However, the parents’ proper supervision is equally important when they interact with the digital platform. As such, a reasonable balance between the digital medium and parental control is equally important.


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