Hani Zeini Explains Why Exercising Is Beneficial To Combat Covid19

Staying isolated at home to comply with the quarantine norms is indeed one of the most effective ways to cut the infection of the novel coronavirus from spreading and protect people from Covid19. However, staying at home for a prolonged time can take a massive toll on the overall health and wellbeing as we see all around, says Hani Zeini.

Since the virus keeps reappearing in new forms, it is posing new challenges and increasing the misery that we all have been going through for more than a year. Above all, vaccines have yet not proved to be capable of bringing the virus under control, and the uncertainty about health and livelihood is causing immense mental stress.

To stay healthy amid all the odds stacked, we must quickly adapt to the new lifestyle no matter how inconvenient we might feel. We must accept the reality that life will never be the same again and try to infuse the principles of healthy living into the new lifestyle to maintain better immunity to protect from the virus.

Maintain a routine for physical activity, says Hani Zeini

To ensure overall good health that keeps us happy, it is critical to maintaining a certain level of physical activity while staying in home confinement. Leading a sedentary lifestyle in the absence of a routine can damage your health. Find out ways of staying active by practicing some activities like walking that serves as good exercise.

If you are unable to move outdoors, then practice walking indoor at home. Start walking briskly from one end of your home and move around the rooms and spaces many times so that the total number of rounds adds to a certain distance that you want to cover every day. Choose any other forms of exercise that you are comfortable with to benefit from it in many ways.

Better immunity

Regular physical exercise of some fixed duration recommended by WHO is beneficial for maintaining and improving your immunity. Brisk exercise for 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise for 75 minutes a week is the minimum requirement, and you can do more if you like. Regular exercise will keep your body immunity high and protect you from the virus.

Relief from stress and anxiety

Even worse than falling sick during the pandemic is the fear and panic about falling sick that affects our wellness and wellbeing, feels Hani Zeini. When panic sets in, it leaves you acutely depressed and weakens your defense against the virus as excessive mental stress reduces immunity.

During exercise, the body releases chemicals in the brain that relieves mental stress and reduces anxiety. Mood elevating chemicals like endorphins and serotonin makes us feel happy and helps to overcome anxiety and depression.

Keep blood pressure under control

Regular exercise keeps your blood pressure under control and takes good care of your heart as well as your cardiovascular health. It reduces the chances of heart attacks and stroke and effectively reduces the chances of developing type-2 diabetes.

Most importantly, you can maintain your body weight at a healthy level believes Hani Zeini

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