Hani Zeini – Tips To Stay Healthy During Work From Home At The Time Of The Pandemic

Work from home has presented various challenges, particularly with regards to one’s health. The alluring surplus snacks, lack of temptation to work, and lack of social stimulation can sabotage a virtuous worker’s health intentions. Below are some effective tips to stay healthy, fit, and on task during work from home.

Tips to Stay Healthy during Work from Home according to Hani Zeini 

  • Stick to a Set Schedule – Work from home means waking up late and working at odd hours. But the best way to benefit one’s quality of work and mental health will be through a set schedule akin to that followed in the office. The idea is to stick to these hours.
  • A Separate Office Space – One must use a space in their home designated for work solely. They must limit their bed activities to sleep, watch TV, or leisure. To bring in work materials may interfere with their ability to relax later on. Working from one’s couch can develop mental associations that will keep their mind occupied with some form of professional obligations during off-hours. Despite staying in a tiny studio, they can set up a chair and desk and keep the professional separate from the personal.
  • Develop a Soothing Environment – To stay at home indicates one has free rein in their surroundings. Thus they must make their workspace soothing and keep their stress level under control. In case one loves scented candles, they can place these around their desk, says Hani Zeini. Should a beautiful view aid them in staying calm, they should set their desk near a window or maybe within the eyesight of an artwork that they like.
  • Shower and Dress Like Going to Office – Rather than being in a pajama all day, it is better to wear an outfit that one would wear to the office. To feel competent is much more than productivity. As per research, self-efficacy positively affects health behaviors, including exercise and weight control.
  • Stock Healthy Meals and Snacks – Wandering into the kitchen, especially when packed with treats, can be easy. Thus it is best to keep temptation at bay by purchasing vegetables and fresh fruits and keeping junk food and candy out of sight.
  • Schedule Workouts – While creating one’s schedule, one must use flexibility, especially to their advantage. They should schedule their workouts as they do meetings, yet pencil them in before start working, at the time of lunch, or maybe after hours.
  • Select a Good Chair – One must invest in an ergonomically sound and comfortable chair to keep them aligned adequately throughout the day.

To transition to work from home from an office is challenging during a normal circumstance. Include the pandemic, zero social events, new work procedures, no gym time, closed schools, and lots of time at home can be a perfect recipe for overwhelm. Thus it is vital to follow the tips mentioned above to adjust to the new normal work from home during the pandemic.

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