There are a rising number of real estate agents and consultants in the colossal industry across the world, engaged in buying and selling of homes and properties and into the real estate consulting space. Some of the agents and consultants ace the game like a true professional, while others learn from their experiences and hone their skills every day to understand newer techniques and strategies to help their clients. Karim Haddad is one emerging name in the real estate sector of UAE, who has been shining bright with his skills and talent as an expert in real estate consulting.

He started his journey in the year 2004 and with managing positions like Sales Manager, Accounts Manager, Sales Advisor, Sales Executive, rose to positions like Boutique Ambassador to now Luxury Real Estate Advisor. He currently works with Harbour Real Estate based in Dubai and consults and guides people towards realizing their home dreams and goals, ultimately making all of it a beautiful reality for them.

There are a few skills that Karim Haddad feels are essential in making it big in the industry as a real estate consultant and advisor.

• Great communication skills: Individuals must hone their skills in communication as great real estate agents know how to discuss important matters before the contract gets drafted. Good communication skills help consultants to spread their ideas and advise across clients effectively.
• Knowing the rules and regulations: Half-hearted knowledge is never a good idea in any business points out Karim Haddad. When it comes to real estate, aspiring consultants and agents must know and understand how rules and regulations apply in their country or region. They must also be familiar with laws relating to the property and space and guide people with all the necessary paperwork and legal technicalities.
• Having local knowledge: To become a successful real estate consultant, one must possess adequate knowledge of the local areas and regions, says Karim Haddad. He says that it gives consultants an edge in terms of understanding the local areas and the specific rules and regulations that govern those areas. With this, a clear understanding of the neighbourhoods and the home values is also important.

Today, as a luxury real estate advisor and consultant at Harbour Real Estate, Karim Haddad has risen above others in the industry with his persistent efforts and commitment to providing the best consultancy services to clients, making the process easy and convenient for them and turning their dreams into reality. To find out more about him, follow him on Instagram