Hard-Work and Perseverance Made Aditya Kumar Sharma A Household Name In The Make-Up Industry!

Make-up artists are now getting the recognition and attention they have always deserved. Amazing artists that know how to use their brushes, sponges, and products to bring out the best in beautiful individuals flourish in the make-up industry. Aditya Kumar Sharma is one of them.

Make-up artist Aditya Kumar Sharma says, “When you look beautiful, and it’s that kind of happiness that I try to give to women every day.” Thanks to his incredible talent and dedication, Aditya has carved up a name for himself in the make-up industry. His distinct make-up style is continually evolving, and he is in high demand for his immaculate work. His accomplishment came after a lot of hard work and suffering, which many people are unaware of.

When it comes to hardships, Aditya, fondly known as Adi, lost both of his parents at a young age. He had to take care of his two sisters on his own. To make ends meet, Aditya did part-time jobs that didn’t pay well enough.

Since childhood, he has had a strong interest in make-up and has always wished to pursue it as a career. Aditya worked hard and saved money to pursue his dream of taking a make-up beginner’s course. After completing the training, he began doing freelance work.

Aditya Kumar Sharma completed a professional degree at the Balaji Group of Institutions in Faizabad after obtaining a lot of experience as a freelancer. He worked with several high-profile clients, including SaReGaMa and Zee TV. Himesh Reshammiya, Raveena Tandon, Neha Kakar, Aditya Narayan, Rahul Vaidya, and others were among the celebrities for whom he did make-up.

All of his hard work began to pay off, and he became a household name in the cosmetics market. Dia Mirza presented Aditya with the title for Best Bridal & Celebrity Makeup Artist in 2018: “The National Level Ravishing Design Awards.” In 2017, Raveena Tandon awarded him the Best Freelancer Make-up award.

Aditya Kumar Sharma exemplifies how, with passion and perseverance, a person can achieve everything they choose in life. Aditya works with top celebrities and models as a make-up artist nowadays, and he defies the prejudice that males can’t be great make-up artists.

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