Hard Work Can Never Be Overrated, Sabrina Saggu Advises

How many times have we heard that smart-work is the best way to work and that hard-work is obsolete and should be frowned upon? Working smart is now the new cool, with many young people favoring working a few hours.

The craze for productivity has led many people to abandon grit and commitment, and persistence for the glossy idea of ‘working smart.’

While there is a need to be more effective, there is no place in all of life’s hack where grit and ‘the real’ is abandoned on the altar of ‘smart work.’

Many people call smart work a synonym for shallow work, revisiting Cal Newport’s words in his book Deep Work.

Cal Newport exposed some of the shortcomings of today’s work-life. He said that many people have become so busy that they equate busyness to effectiveness.

Cal Newport exposes the ailment that permeates the lives of many young people, Gen-Zers and millennials.

People are quick to neglect the place of real work in achieving their dreams and financial goals. This frustration with finding people who are willing to put in the grit needed to make things work is what led Sabrina Saggu to decide not to work with people who only have desires and potentials but not grit and determination to succeed. Her series of failures to ‘force people into becoming financially independent because I saw potential in them’ made her resolve to only look out for grit and readiness to work.

“Success can’t be forced on people,” the successful digital entrepreneur said. “We can’t wish and push people into financial freedom. If they aren’t ready to take the necessary steps towards freedom, nothing I do will work for them.”

Sabrina Saggu’s resolve echoes what Tubman said about slaves: “I freed a thousand slaves, but I could have freed more if only they knew they were slaves.”

Smart-work is no substitute for hard work. People need to understand what working smart as a success and work hack means. It means we find ways to declutter ourselves from work that doesn’t move the needle; that we focus instead on work that matters, on the activities that help us reach our goals.

We all want to move faster. Yes, but we can’t abandon the place of the midnight candle. We will only be doing ourselves a disservice if we do. And the people we give this works to will be short-changed because we won’t produce excellent work.

Seth Godin, in his book, Permission Marketing, Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers, says that content creators need always to deliver top-quality work for them to remain relevant.

We live in a world where content is everywhere, where information is at our fingertips. We can be lost in a frenzy and produce mediocre work.

Sabrina Saggu, who has helped more than 300 families build multiple income streams, believes that building sustainable businesses and investing in opportunities require real, hard work.

“There are deep levels of thoughts you need to engage in when you’re making financial decisions. And we can’t make those decisions on the whim.”

As the world continues to evolve, hard-work will always be relevant.

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