Hard Work Earns Arham Muhammad Multi-Millionaire Stardom

After a rough start to life, Arham Muhammad turned to the one thing he was good at – computers. Back in the early 2000s, Facebook and Twitter were not yet mainstream, so Muhammad built his own interest-based social media platform known as Zstash. “I planned to raise enough money to turn the prototype into a reality, but challenge after challenge crippled the project,” said Arham. “My location in Pakistan, as well as limited access to capital and international investors, meant that my vision for Zstash could not come to fruition, so I decided to move on to new ventures.”

He did not give up, though. In 2012, at the young age of 20, Muhammad started his second venture, a global digital advertising company focused on organic reach and digital marketing. “I thought if we could leverage the reach of prominent celebrities and public figures to maximize and monetize their brands, it would open up endless opportunities and establish a reputation for similar clientele and multi-national businesses.”

It worked! Within two years, the business started showing a positive return, netting $20,000 to $30,000 daily. “It was quite a rough process to get there,” said Muhammad. “I had no previous business management, sales, or marketing experience. I had to begin somewhere, so I started sending speculative unsolicited public figures and celebrities’ management teams. As you can imagine, most of the time, I was turned down. I persisted and eventually landed my first client. That was a day I’ll never forget!”

Muhammad worked hard, averaging 20-22 hours a day. “I was determined to get out of poverty and change my personal and familial situation for the better. To accomplish my goal of reaching that coveted 9-figure income, I knew I had to put in everything I had. I had nothing to lose, after all.”

By the age of 24, Muhammad was a multi-millionaire. “I’ve built up everything from scratch and never looked back. I’ve also taken on multiple other ventures and business interests here and there over the past ten years, including investments. Some flourished, and some failed. I know it might sound cliché, but I tend to enjoy my failures more than my successes because they help me grow and learn lessons I never knew I needed.”

Muhammad is currently working on two new projects while simultaneously managing his advertising company. “One of my projects focuses on developing automation tools involving artificial intelligence,” noted Muhammad. “Once completed, I believe these tools will be ground-breaking and bring about a much-needed change in the digital advertising sphere.”

Muhammad believes that there is no limit to human possibility, stating that the hardships and challenges during his tough childhood helped him build character strength. “In business, it feels as if as soon as I overcome one challenge, another two take its place. But I’ve learned to deal with daily challenges without letting them consume me. As the famous saying goes, ‘If you want to succeed as badly as you need air to breathe, you will be very successful.’ If there is one message I could leave with young entrepreneurs, it would be to work extremely hard every day and never give up. Know that daily challenges are a part of the life of an entrepreneur, and one day, you will reap the rewards.”

To learn more about Arham Muhammad, or become a part of his businesses, contact him via his LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/arham-muhammad/

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