Hardeep Singh Sahota – the Icon of Punjabi Folk Dances Around the World

Sahota is Punjabi culture to the forefront

When we hear Bhangra we automatically imagine the Punjabi people and culture. The colorful beautiful dresses and the astonishing sound of Dhol that pulls us to the dance floor to lose ourselves and just Dance, Bhangra is one of the most popular and loved dance form of the world and Hardeep Singh Sahota is one of the most important person, Who has given his life and soul to preserve and promote this amazing art form.

Hardeep Singh Sahota is the General Manager of Royal Academy of Bhangra and the First Certified Bhangra Instructor in Canada under the CTDA (Canadian Dance Teachers Association). He was born and brought up in Punjab, India and later went to Canada. Most of his life he spent for the service of Bhangra and always worked for the growth of this beautiful dance form. Being born and brought up in a Punjabi household his fond love for the Bhangra was pretty obvious since very young age, He is one of the main reasons why Bhangra is so popular around the world and is recognised as an elite dance form. Hardeep Sahota is a Certified Bhangra Instructor and Certified with World Dance council. To pass on this art he has created a syllabus on bhangra that is being taught to the childrens of 5 – 16 years of age group.

Over the years Hardeep Singh Sahota has dedicated his life for Bhangra and worked tirelessly for it. He has performed Bhangra all around the world and in the most prestigious stages and platforms. The list of awards that he has received for his art is countless. He has worked and advocated for the promotion of Punjabi folk culture and Bhangra and insured for the credible certification of Bhangra. Hardeep has spent most of his time and energy of his life to promote and preserve the Punabi folk culture and has successfully done a great work for it. He is one of the pioneers of the Punjabi Culture and easily one of the most influential people when it comes to Punjabi culture and Bhangra.


Written by Garry Logan

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