Harry Carlisle Cracks the YouTube Algorithm – Over 500 Million Views and Counting

The pandemic has presented numerous possibilities to create a name for oneself online as a creator. Millions of people have started creating videos and uploading them on social media platforms over the last year. One of these platforms is YouTube. But only a very few number of people are actually growing or seeing the results they hope for.

Well, Harry Carlisle has already solved the problem for you! He has worked with numerous creators on videos that have collectively amassed more than half a billion views. Harry is a well-known YouTube Consultant and Retention Analyst.

“One of the most important parts of the video creation process, is ideation” He said. Coming up with video ideas that millions of people will click on and love comes down to a science, “but anyone can learn it” Carlisle said. He quotes a creative process that he actually learned from Ed Sheeran.

“Ed Sheeran has created hit after hit because of something called the ‘Clearing Your Pipes’ theory. The idea is that the creative process is like turning on a faucet connected to a dirty pipe. First all the mud comes out, next mud mixed with water and eventually clean water”. The creative process is just like this. Typically your first few ideas aren’t the greatest, but eventually if you keep with it, you’ll soon find that one great idea – almost as if you’ve uncovered a gem.

Harry Carlisle went on to say that he has every one of his creators write out every idea they have for a video. From lists of hundreds, they dwindle it down to just a few. Next, he has them write out 20 different variations for titles and thumbnails.

“Titles and thumbnails are a very important aspect of the creation process because if they don’t peak a viewers curiosity and give them a reason to click within arguably less than a second, that viewer is scrolling right past your video to the next one on their feed” He said.

While Carlisle assists with all aspects of the creation process, he says what he loves most and usually what he focuses on is retention, or keeping viewers watching by creating compelling stories.

In order to keep a viewer engaged and glued to their seat, you need to create videos that relate or inspire. While there are many factors that go into creating captivating videos (and it’s not a one shoe fits all type of deal) Carlisle says that the hero’s journey or Dan Harmon’s the story circle is a very good place to start. This precisely sums up what Harry does for his clients.

He fast tracks their journey as a creator by helping them create videos built on great ideas and great stories.

Harry Carlisle is currently working with the YouTuber, Matthew Beem. In the last 90 Days, Matthew has gained more than 500,000 subscribers. Matthew’s most popular video to date is about to surpass 20 million views. For more information, reach out to Harry Carlisle on Twitter or Instagram.


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