Harsh Sharma Is Creating Waves in Marketing Domain With His Unique Digital Marketing Skills

Harsh Sharma says that marketing is everything. From a branding perspective, it’s important to find a balance between being promotional and relatable to your audience. So if we talk about the Indian marketing then Harsh Sharma is leading the charts.

Harsh Sharma is a 22 year old digital marketer and Founder of Monster Media, At such a young age he owns a 20M+ network on social media platforms , Harsh has Specialisation in augmenting online Brand presence, He also worked with many International Brands. Solving Digital Age problems at the age of 22 is not a small thing now a Days, His leadership and out of the box ideology made him a man of values and skills .

He has worked with some well-known brands in India, Harsh Sharma has aided them in their social media dealings by carrying some paragon strategies.

The conventional strategies and new digital knowledge in an incredible way and it is an inspiring presence and extensively formed and an exceptionally compatible command on the Digital Marketing or meme marketing industry is what makes an incredible Digital Entrepreneur.

Harsh have their finger in everything press releases to social media marketing and SEO strategies, to online reputation management and website development. He help brands in every way possible to get viral. As Harsh once said, “If the content is king, we are the loyal courtiers serving it.”

Harsh Sharma is a young man with a strong vision to take his small endeavour even further and make it a name common to every Indian. Currently Harsh being a founder of Monster Media also runs 2 Restaurants at this young age. We wish him all the best for his upcoming brighter future.

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