Harvard Student Creates Matching Process Between Students and Employers

27-year-old Harvard graduate Vaishnavi More shifted from a small minority school in India to Harvard and launched solution-oriented platform, Archslate, to help architecture students secure jobs more efficiently. Designed to serve as a better hiring system for the building industry, Archslate is able to detect the needs of a company and match that directly to talent of a job seeker through its cloud and algorithm-based model. Archlsate reimagines the way hiring happens by creating a sustainable method.

More first applied to Harvard in the year 2015 and was rejected, but pursued and was later accepted. She says, “Archslate started off as just an idea while I was still a student at Harvard. I saw the struggles that me and my friends went through to secure a job we deserve, in spite of getting the highest quality education in the nation. Ironically, when I started working at Architecture firms, the story was no different, where they struggled as to how to bring Architects on board. I pitched the idea at the Harvard Innovation Labs where I was accepted into the venture incubation program and worked on Archslate for a year from ideation to final conception.”





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