Hassan Composer – Music and Creative Artist on the verge of success

Music is an impactful and strong language that connects people. It expresses feelings and emotions in a way that people will never forget or misunderstand. Music is not only a creator of expression but is also an expression of the soul. The positive effect of music influences not only the listener but also affects everyone it touches.

It has brought joy, sadness, and sorrow to different people in society. Singers like Hassan Composer have taken music to a whole new level. Hassan takes time to make sure his music is something that isn’t forgotten.

He takes the time to assure that when someone listens to his music, it will be remembered and appreciated for years to come. He believes music is an opportunity to share his sincerity with the world.

How did Hassan Composer start his journey?

 Born in Casablanca, Morocco, Hassan was passionate about music at a young age. He is a musician known for his emphasis on the creation of emotional music. He strives to make sure that his music is understood beyond mere translation, but rather, in a way that leaves a mark with the listener.

He started shaping his career in the early 2000s as he was first introduced to the Moroccan music industry where he took part in the widely popular program “Noujoum wa Noujoum” produced by channel 2M. Hassan’s career breakthrough arrived in 2001 when he joined the Free Union of Moroccan Musicians and then finally became a member of Orchestra in the Moroccan Arabic Song in 2002.

Within 2-3 years, he was already a known musician among all the audience. He is a very talented musician and has been active in the music industry for over two decades.

What are the achievements and current projects of Hassan Composer?

 Hassan has been working hard and smart as a musician. In his career, he has achieved numerous things, he has performed for thousands of people and recorded new singles. He is continuously putting effort to make his music more engaging.

Listeners have shower love on his  new singles like “My Mother”, “Omri Ettani”. Apart from this, his brand  new single “New Life” is now available on all audio platforms and a video clip will soon be filmed and released on the song.

Hassan’s music is friendly and enjoyable. His melodies transport the listener to a different place, no matter where they are. Hassan encourages his audience to leave their everyday cares behind and be taken away by a majestic sound.

What are the goals and plans of Hassan Composer?

Hassan has always been working hard on his dreams. His plans include releasing more soothing music for his audience and to make them feel joyful in their life.

Hassan believes that music is not an industry; it’s an immeasurable and divine blessing of the soul. It is a language that allows him to communicate with his audience, to share his profound appreciation for life. Very few musicians can transmit the unique melody of their souls. Hassan is one of them.


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