Hassan Mahmood, The Unstoppable Man, Talks About His Journey and Future Plans

Hassan Mahmood

It is said that, “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Is it so? In Hassan Mahmood’s case, it is true. He is a young man who has done extraordinary work, placing his interests, skills, and responsibilities altogether blended them well, and ended up being a star in the eyes of many. He is a man with dynamic skills and righteous perception. He is educated in the real sense and has an analytical mind. With his achievements, he has become a sight of admiration to people of young age.

Hassan Mahmood was born in Lahore, Pakistan. He did his early education in Pakistan, but soon in 2001, he shifted to the US. He had always been adaptable, so it wasn’t a tough job for him to adjust to this new place. He went to the Kent County Middle School for 4 years and graduated from the Kent County High School. After graduation, most people think of going on vacation and enjoy time with friends and close ones. But this man was something extraordinary! He knew what he has to do with his life at a very young age. He started working on his dreams and believed that he would make it, one day!

Hassan Mahmood at the age of 20, joined his family retail business. He helped his father in making more and more capital. He had various strategies and had the ability to conceptualize. He used his skills for his father’s business. This business, which was running for more than 40 years, now started making profit and progress like never before. Soon his father realized that Hassan Mahmood is a far-sighted person and is just not made to run their family business. His father discussed with him and supported him in his journey of setting something up by his own ideas and creativity.

Not on the family business, but Hassan Mahmood has worked with a Subway franchise in Delaware and has later owned it. He owned an operating gas station and multiple convenience stores in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. After gaining success in all of his investments, Hassan Mahmood was quite confident of setting something of his own. He had by now, got a vision of his tactfulness, intuition, presence of mind, and right decision-making skills. He is very optimistic and had set huge goals for him to achieve.

Within no time, Hassan Mahmood disclosed his interests in designing clothes and producing a brand of his own. His family stood as a backbone during all this time. Soon, with his sociable skills, he started interacting with people and got some idea about their clothing demands and interests. At the same time, he was observant towards the profit of his company with customer satisfaction. He is trying to setup his own clothing brand in the future. Today he stays in Kent County in the state of Maryland. After almost 20 years of living here, he is now innovating ideas to invest in commercial properties. This man is clearly unstoppable!

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