Have an Idea and Yet Can’t Seem to Kick Off? Here’s What Might Be Wrong

I see quite a large number of people (particularly youths of our time) complain bitterly about what they don’t have, and how if they had it, it would have helped them accomplish more or go from where they are to where they’d want to be.

A lot of people are trapped in the cubicle of this kind of mindset (“I wish I had this or I wish I had that”) and it’s not doing them any good. I used to be like that, too. I’ll throw a pity party for myself often, mostly when I see just how successful some of my former colleagues or friends have become. They seem to own it all, the life, the gadgets, and the fame.

I’ll so often blame my inability to move from where I am to where I’d want to be on certain things I currently do not have, such as gadgets, tools, and sometimes not attending the same school they did. And I’ll sometimes blame my parental background, too (why was I born into a poor home, or what were they thinking when they married).

But looking back now, I see that what I believed then and chose to dwell on wasn’t really what was causing my failures, but rather it was my mind and the thoughts I harbored in it that made me clueless and hopeless. I now understand that the gap between the successful and the average person will always be there if the thought pattern of the average man remains the same.

I am an international writer, and being one, I’m not sure anyone else wanted it as badly as I did. All this while, I have craved so hard to become an international writer. It gave me a lot of sleepless nights when I was emotionally down. I was even on the verge of throwing in the towel and quitting on my writing career.

I had received almost countless rejection email letters, and it had a terrible effect on me. Rejection or being completely ignored by those big platforms was something very hard to deal with.

This was the case until I took one final shot, and I hit the bullseye. Ever since my first official international article got published, my dream suddenly took off.

I owe the success of my first internationally published article to my smartphone. Your smartphone can do much more than you might already be using it for. You may be aware of the generic things such as the ability to store and play media files, games, or browse through websites and capture photos, but is that all you’re doing with your mobile phone?

I wanted to play in the river where bigger fishes were swimming, but I couldn’t get in because I thought I didn’t have what it takes to swim along. I never had a computer on which I would have to write my articles and send my pitch to these gigantic platforms.

But, I never knew that what I had was worth more than having nothing at all. (I had a mobile phone that is android enabled). It’s really amazing what these devices can help you accomplish.

My intention to break into the international writing community was being halted because I thought it wouldn’t be possible until I acquired a computer. I guess I was putting a halt to my success because I wasn’t informed about the potential the mobile device I held in my hands and carried around daily in my pocket possessed.

That was the case until the day I discovered that I could do much more with it. I downloaded an app known as the “WPS” application, which is more like the Microsoft Office Suite for mobile phones. Then, I started writing in the word document tool provided in it. Prior to this time, I was just under using my mobile device.

I was totally blown away by the rich features this little tool possessed. It was a great opportunity for me to do more even where I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to use my computer. I could just whip out my phone and start typing, expressly writing my thoughts down.

I was also able to record podcasts and pre-record my radio programs on my mobile device.
I never knew all these things were even possible, which is why I’d not done much for myself for a long time.

The same thing is happening to quite a number of millennials. Not many of them are informed about what’s in their hands, what they already have in their possession. They despise their little beginning, hoping for a BIG win when they aren’t ready to start with what is made available to them at the stage they are at now.

When you tell yourself you can’t do certain things, it is probably because you think someone has a better advantage over you, because you didn’t have the educational opportunity they had, or because you think they are more successful because of the neighborhood they live in.

Or, maybe, it’s because their parents were rich and were able to afford the bigger toys for them. I want you to rethink that.

Not so many people you see today who are now successful had it going well for them initially. It took determination and the ability to look inward and make use of the resources they already have to propel themselves on the journey towards achieving their goals.

I found out that dwelling on worries and complaining so much about what we don’t have blocks us from seeing that which we’re already blessed with. It makes us say no to all the opportunities we are presented with on a daily basis.

Complaining about how the lack of a personal computer was the barrier to becoming a successful international writer meant that I was saying no to the offer that my mobile device was silently whispering to me daily.

I blurred out every other option because I allowed complaints to determine my results, and this automatically made me incapacitated for such a long time. Who would have ever thought I could record a radio show using a mobile device? It’s really amazing what we can accomplish with the little we already have.

It’s time you bootstrap your way to success. It’s not always about owning the big toys; it’s sometimes just about knowing what you’re already endowed with, what tools are readily available, and utilizing those tools no matter how small, using it to your advantage rather than seeing yourself at a disadvantage because of those things you don’t currently have.

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