Hawke Media Hosts Virtual Conference With Daymond John & Guests

Everyone is stuck at home so what should you do as a business? Hawke Media has decided to take the lead and host a virtual summit appropriately-named the Quarantine Conference on Apr. 7. You can check out some of the details up on the official webpage for the event. 

We’re all working from home, but, don’t be mistaken: conference season isn’t canceled. At Hawke Media, they’re packing in all of the business growth tips you would’ve gained at an in-person conference into a day-long, remote, live, interactive, and free conference on Apr. 7. 

In addition to learning about how to develop your brand, panelists and speakers will discuss what’s working right now for their businesses, in terms of marketing and what’s keeping their employees uplifted during this crazy and unprecedented time. While we’re currently navigating through what networking will look like completely online, Quarantine Conference has it figured out and will provide networking opportunities as well as the opportunity to have some fun with the remote lifestyle.

The summit will be featuring some high-profile speakers, such as the CEO of FUBU and Shark Tank investor Daymond John and Navy SEAL and NY Times best-selling author Brandon Webb discussing how to grow your business at a distance and adapt it in times of crisis.

There will be plenty of LA business representatives, such as SnackNation’s Andy Mackenson talking about D2C and Gemist’s Madeline Fraser speaking on a women in e-commerce panel. Yaguara and Supply Wisdom will be speaking on the panel “Future of Marketing: The Quarantine Age,” discussing artificial intelligence and robotics in relation to quarantine and isolation. 

Other Speakers You Will Learn From

  • Top digital agency TalentX Entertainment and their team on how to utilize TikTok for your brand during COVID19,
  • Advice from business growth expert and Founder of COO Alliance Cameron Herold on how to navigate your business during a global crisis,
  • The tale of Todd Herman who lived through coronavirus and had to navigate his own health while navigating the growth of his business, 
  • Trinet on how to adapt your workforce right now from an HR perspective
  • Hawke Media’s own founder Erik Huberman on transforming your business to the remote setting. 

Is anyone interested in enjoying some takeout together? In an effort to support small businesses during this tough time, Hawke Media is strongly encouraging conference attendees to order lunch from a local restaurant near you. 

Also on deck, one of Hawke Media’s employees who is also a yoga instructor will lead a quick stretch to break up the day, and Music Division Co. will host a 15-minute discussion on social distancing and will be live-streaming music.

P.S. There may even be an artist playing during happy hour.

Why Host a Virtual Summit?

Well, the reason is simple. People who have a job are sitting at home, as are those who are looking for a new start, but both groups are looking for inspiration to re-energize and uplift themselves and their careers. As a business owner, you need to think outside the box and focus on brand activations that still put your brand out there during times of isolation.

By hosting a virtual summit its basically like hosting an in-person workshop or conference, except people don’t need to leave their homes—or get out of their pajamas for that matter.

They can tune in with their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Right now is a time when virtual summits will start to explode, and it’s a great way to bring your community and tribe together. As well as becomea great way to attract new prospects to your business.

If you have been sitting on the sidelines wondering whether you should host a virtual summit, the next few months present an amazing opportunity. In the meantime make sure you check out QCon presented by leading marketing consultancy Hawke Media.

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