Hawkefest: Three Things You Should Learn from Hawke Media About Running a Successful Event

We recently returned from Hollywood, California after attending a very unique, world-class event put on by Hawke Media that brings together c-level executives from all sorts of e-commerce and leading brands like Facebook, True Religion, and up-and-coming startups.

The event wasn’t held in a stuffy conference room or hotel, but instead, it was held at the iconic Houdini Estate in West Hollywood that used to be the home of the infamous Harry Houdini. The event was scattered through the entire property with two different areas for attendees to listen to speakers and ample areas for great networking opportunities.

What Hawke Media accomplished over the day with the event was remarkable. I know for the coming years they will have to continue to increase the capacity of their spaces because this event is starting to become a can’t miss event for e-commerce brands to attend.

So let’s dive deeper into what we noticed at this event and what contributed to it being a success.

Choosing an Inspiring Space to Hold Your Event

As soon as you showed up at the entrance of the property, you knew this wasn’t just any ordinary event. Hawke Media had several team members greet and sign you in to make sure you knew where you needed to go. Then, it was up the stairs to check out where all of the events would be taking place.

The main stage wasn’t just a stage with chairs. Instead, it had velvet couches and pillows for a more comfortable and chill vibe. How many times have you been to events and your back ached from the bad chairs you were sitting in? You don’t have to worry about this at Hawkefest.

Aside from the mainstage set-up, there was a second stage inside the main building, which was more like a living room to provide a more intimate setting for speakers and attendees. Since Hawke Media rented out the entire property for the day, you were able to walk around the whole property and check it out, which was a nice touch.

Both the overall vibe and event venue were inspiring. If you are thinking of holding an event for your business, make sure you do something unique that people will remember. Be different and provide an experience for your attendees, versus just doing it like everybody else is doing it.

This is what Hawkefest was all about, and Hawke Media delivered flawlessly on their promise of being an “anti-conference.”

Invite People & Brands Others Want to Meet or Learn From

It’s one thing to hold an event for your business and then just have your team be the only ones there. I know that whenever we have attended an event or have been asked to attend, we like to go to events where there are solid brands or people we want to meet.

After all, what differentiates one event from another? It could be a speaker, the venue, or brands and people that are associated with that event. If you are planning an event for your business, make sure you incorporate intriguing brands or fascinating people like Hawke Media did with Hawkefest.

They had a New York Times best-selling author who was an ex-navy seal sniper, the founders of Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL), and celebrity businessman Rob Dyrdek present at the event as speakers and panelists. These are great brands and people to get to know and learn from, and it made the event even more intriguing for attendees.

Always involve high-quality brands and people with your business event to make sure it’s destined for success.

Incorporate Your Team into the Event

There was something else we noticed at Hawkefest which made it super unique and special that we feel is something other businesses should look into doing when hosting events.

Hawke Media made sure that not only their executive team was present and participating in the event itself, but their entire team was there helping or at least in attendance at the event.

I know several companies that do an annual event and then they choose to only bring select employees. On the other end of the spectrum is when businesses hire an outside company to completely staff and do everything for the event, not incorporating their current team at all. Don’t be mistaken, Hawke Media still hired world-class food and beverage providers and support staff, as the food and service were top-notch, but they also made sure to incorporate everyone at the business from the top down into the event.

This is a smart move because it makes your team more engaged in the process and it shows the team that you as a leader or executive team value them. It’s also great for business development and building relationships because your employees can network and even hold meetings with prospective clients right there at the event.

We hope this brought you some insight into a few factors that will make your next business event a success or why your business should hold an annual event. You don’t even have to hold your event at the Houdini Estate to fit the bill of being inspiring for your attendees. 

What about an art museum, a unique outdoor patio, or an old warehouse building? Be creative and think differently than just a hotel conference room. Incorporate your team into the event and make sure you bring some cool people or brands that others want to meet.

If you do this, we’re confident your next business event is going to be a smashing success like Hawkefest.

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