Health Coach Stephon Clinkscales Shares 5 Tips to Help You Train like an Athlete

Stephon Clinkscales is known for bringing positive change in men’s lives suffering from relationship stress and, consequently, health concerns. He provides an action-packed regime to help people realize their true worth and see life through a new lens. He provides diet and nutrition advice to ensure people take care of their health. Here, he shares some simple tips to help an individual train like an athlete.

5 Things About Training Like an Athlete

For a beginner, these tips can prove extremely helpful and can be a guiding light for those who are looking for a mentor to help them make the first push.

  • First and foremost, one has to ensure that the body undergoes a substantial amount of physical movement daily. Movement matters when you want to train yourself as an athlete. One can practice movement by developing simple daily habits such as walking to the station or going to the market to pick up essential products. Walking outdoors has a better effect on an individual’s overall mood vis-à-vis undergoing the same amount of walking indoors on a treadmill. Even a recent research report, “Affective responses in mountain hiking — A randomized crossover trial focusing on differences between indoor and outdoor activity”, found that three hours of hiking in the mountains leads to greater mood boosts and reduces anxiety as opposed to the same amount of walking indoors on a treadmill.
  • It is essential to learn the basics first before incorporating other advanced techniques. One must follow a hierarchy of endurance training needs and follow a step-by-step approach, such as building an aerobic base through longer, slower efforts before adding in things like intervals, altitude training, and other techniques.
  • Diet, too, plays a key role while training like an athlete. There is no secret sauce to success here. The idea is to eat whole foods and derive the maximum amount of protein, carbohydrate, and minerals from them. It is essential to consume often and in moderate quantities to allow the body’s metabolism to operate at an optimum level.
  • Maintaining mental health is extremely vital to sustaining overall well-being. Good mental health through complete dedication, discipline, and determination, no matter what the task in hand is. It is essential to remain focused on one’s task irrespective of the countless number of distractions and obstacles that might be strewn in one’s path. It is equally essential to be persevering even if the initial results are not fruitful. Consistency plays a significant role in bringing sweet rewards that goes a long way towards success.
  • Last but not least, it is pertinent to work on mobility or flexibility. It is best to program it into regular workout sessions to not miss this vital part of the workout.

Health and Wellness as Life’s Top Priorities

Clinkscales is a popular life and wellness coach known for his contribution to provide men with helpful relationship advice. “I always had a passion for helping men and motivating them to become their best selves. Lots of us men struggle with connecting to women, and we all can relate to it. Here I am to add value and help them through it. I love what I do,” says Clinkscales when asked about his career and passion.

These fundamental tips are crucial for anybody who wants to train like an athlete alongside their regular work life. Though many of them sound easy at first glance, doing them consistently with a strict routine often becomes challenging. Clinkscales suggests regularity to see a considerable change in his clients’ physical as well as mental health.

Clinkscales offers his fitness and wellness regimes through interesting online videos as well. At present, he has over 200K YouTube subscribers and above 30 million views. He hopes to bring a positive change to men’s lives and address their traumatic mental state with the right approach and daily routine practices.

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