Heavy Marketing’s Co-Founder Ron Earley on Marketing Trends to Watch out for in 2021

The marketing industry, like most industries last year, had to think outside the box to weather the unprecedented challenges of 2020. The innovation of finding creative solutions to unexpected problems has been predicted to create new and unusual marketing trends in 2021. Known as SalesGod, Ron Earley, the co-founder of Heavy Marketing LLC, explores the marketing trends to look out for in 2021.

Digital is king

In 2020 restrictions caused by the pandemic made the world of the consumer shrink down to the size of a tablet, laptop, or phone screen. The usually reliable mediums of print, transit, and in-store advertising found themselves becoming almost obsolete. Due to this seismic shift in marketing, 2021 promises to be the year that nearly every marketing trend will be digital. Of this development, Earley says, “Any digital marketing tools that may have been in their infancy in 2020 are predicted to fully blossom in 2021, from AI to voice search SEO.”

The featured snippet

The featured snippet is an innovative concept where Google provides a user with a snippet of information from a selected page to answer their question. Unfortunately, this innovation means that there will be fewer click through’s to pages, and a potential customer will be gone before they even leave the Google search page. Of this new trend, Earley says, “The featured snippet is a blessing in disguise, use the challenge of aiming to be chosen by Google for the snippet, to inspire you to create snappier content.”

Shoppable social media

A trend that first spread its wings in 2020 that is set to take to the sky in 2021 truly is the concept of social media being a one-stop-shop for marketing and purchasing. More and more consumers are now being enticed into purchasing by Facebook and Instagram posts. Earley expands on this concept by saying, “You no longer need to rely on your potential customer viewing your marketing content and being able to recall it later to make a purchase. That customer is now just a click away from first viewing your product to buying it.”

Overall, Ron Earley believes that 2021 promises to present many fascinating trends that could change the entire marketing landscape as we know it.


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