Henry Agallar: 7 Best Strength Training Exercises for Beginners

What is strength training, and why is it essential?

Strength training is a physical exercise that improves your strength and muscle endurance. You can do it with weights, elastic bands, or your body weight.

It’s an essential workout because it helps maintain and improve your bone density, muscle strength, and mass. It can also reduce or prevent the loss of muscle tissue associated with aging. Strength training also increases your basal metabolic rate, which causes people to burn more calories even at rest.

Henry Agallar, advises that it’s vital to choose a type of training that suits your needs and your current physical condition. Here are examples of strength training exercises you can do.

7 Best Strength Training Exercises for Beginners

1. Agile Strength

Agile strength is the ability to exert maximum force in a short time. When we talk about agility, it means you can move quickly and easily. It involves an exercise routine that uses weightlifting and bodyweight exercises in various directions. You can move your body in any direction with less difficulty.

As an example of a strength training workout, it elevates your balance and coordination. As a result, you can minimize injuries. 

Here are some exercises you can do to train your muscles for agility and strength.

  • Use low to moderate weight and move in multiple directions
  • Try medicine ball moves for a full body workout
  • Farmer’s carries with a moderate-heavy weight for 30 or 60 seconds

2. Endurance strength

Endurance strength is the ability to maintain a high level of force production for an extended period. The type of muscle fiber determines your endurance of muscles.

For example, long-distance runners and cyclists need endurance strength in their leg muscles. But if you’re a rock climber and weightlifter, you need it in your arm muscles.

You can perform endurance strength training with weights, like free weights or machines, or with bodyweight exercises like squats and push-ups.

How to start endurance strength training.

  • Begin with body workouts and then include weight as your muscles become more robust.
  • Do 15 squats and 10 push-ups without resting
  • Repeat for 3 or 5 seconds

3. Explosive strength 

Explosive strength is the strength you use in a short burst of time. Explosive strength training will improve your speed, power, and overall performance.

You can do this type of training through exercises like squat jumps, bench press throws, and weighted jump squats. You can also use plyometrics such as box jumps, lateral jumps, and depth jumps to strengthen your muscles.

How to start explosive strength training.

  • Medicinal balls can help you with explosive strength training. 
  • Do throws from your chest to a wall. Rest.
  • Take a few steps back and throw the ball harder.
  • Repeat 5 times.

4. Maximum strength training

The term “maximum strength” refers to the maximum sustainable force your muscle or muscle group can generate. A maximum-strength muscle contraction is an activity where you try to produce the most significant possible force for a single, maximal effort.

How much force can you carry under a heavy load? Maximum-strength training is typically characterized by heavy loads, low repetitions, and long rest periods. Henry Agallar says it can enhance your bone density and muscle strength and boost your body’s muscle-building hormone levels.

How to start explosive strength training.

  • Perform workouts like bench presses, squats with heavy weights, deadlifts, powerlifting, and hip thrusts.
  • You may need to work with a professional trainer to avoid injuries. Also, long periods of rest are critical. 

5. Speed strength training

Speed strength focuses on the development of speed. Power training includes the sprint, vertical, and broad jump.

You can look at speed training as the maximum rate at which you can produce force or the ability to generate maximal energy in a minimal time. And it’s more than fast movements like running or jumping. It involves explosive movements in all directions and from different positions and shows your explosive power.

How to start speed strength training.

  • Sprinting is the most common exercise to improve speed strength.

6. Starting strength training

The first push of movement without any force is starting strength. It’s the strength of your muscles when they are at rest. The starting strength is vital in weight lifting because it determines how much you can lift. It also determines how much weight you can push and pull and how fast you can jump and sprint.

How to start explosive strength training.

  • These exercises include sit-down squats, sprinter jumps, and dead-start kettlebell swings.

7. Relative strength training

Relative strength measures the force you exert relative to your body mass. You can calculate your relative strength by your body weight. For example, divide your absolute strength by your body weight. What is the maximum number of push-ups you can do? Divide the answer by your body weight.

As Henry Agallar notes, relative strength indicates how much weight you should use when training with weight. It also shows how much strength you need to do multiple push-ups or any exercise. 

How to start relative strength training.

  • As you improve the other workouts, your relative strength also gets better.

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