Henry Coffie, CEO of Henry Couture Paris, Shares Details of His Success Story

Born in the Ashanti tribe in Ghana, Africa, Henry Coffie is a fashion designer and enthusiast, and a successful entrepreneur. He received his junior high education from a school called Datus Tema and then attended high school at West Africa Sec School (WASS). In 2001, Henry Coffie arrived in Paris to live with his mother. At this time, Henry was still pretty young and had just recently completed high school. He had big hopes and dreams and came to Paris with the intention to look for greener pastures. 

When he came to Paris, his mother was already working there as a hairstylist for a span of fifteen years. He started to help her in the saloon she was working in for over a decade before deciding to chase after his own passion and dream. In addition to this, Henry also states that things were not always easy for him while he was staying in Paris.

He had to work extremely hard in order to be where he is today. Henry further states that he never shied away from working and even did a couple of jobs that had nothing to do with fashion. These jobs included working as a dishwasher, a hotel receptionist, and even a street hawker. It may seem pretty odd for a fashion designer to do these things. However, in order to make a name for himself, Henry did it all. The different kinds of jobs he did helped him learn a lot about how the society and its people work.

In addition to doing all the other odd jobs, Henry also worked with stores in Paris such as Yves Dorsey and 3eme Stella Rosso before he finally decided to move to America and pursue his dreams and ambitions in the States.

Thus, he arrived in Philadelphia in 2017 with high hopes of becoming one of the top fashion designers in the world. Henry’s first shop was opened in May 2017. Although it was extremely difficult for him to have shifted continents, he started by building his client portfolio and networking with local suit designers in Philadelphia to increase his knowledge about the fashion industry there.  

Henry believes that when you wear a suit that complements your shape and enhances your best features, people take notice. Therefore, when creating his designs, he focuses on how the suit fits, its quality, and its style. In addition to this, Coffie also ensures that he is providing his clients with great customer service, fast and free delivery, and a fast turnaround time on bespoke suits.

His European tailoring and modern designs, together with the rich fabrics he uses, all join together to create the best range of suits and tuxedos that his clients will look and feel great in. And the best part is that all of this is offered at excellent prices. 

His work ethic is what has led him to achieve a number of different awards. He has been honored with the award of excellence by The Fashion 500 in NYC, the Fashion Designer 2019 Upper Darby Philadelphia award, and also has his name in the Best Fashion Designer 2020 Business Hall of Fame.

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