Here Are 4 Must-Ask Questions in Real Estate with Lisa Bonhotal

Most people find themselves between a rock and a hard place when buying, selling, or renting a property. Additionally, the decision to stay or go is filled with mixed emotions and should be handled keenly. However, you have nothing to worry about as Lisa Bonhotal has the answers to all your real estate questions. 

Lisa Bonhotal has been in this business for over a decade. She is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty in Closter, New Jersey, and helps people buy, sell, rent, and invest in Real Estate. Lisa understands her clients’ wants and needs and is always in tune with their determination to do the best for their family as she does for hers.

Besides being a Realtor, Lisa is a good neighbor in her community and a dedicated family person. She is always willing to help and go the extra mile for others’ sake. Her brand ‘Ask Lisa” has since gained popularity as a community resource. Also, this visionary woman gives back to the community through the organizations she belongs to, i.e., The Northern Valley Rotary Club and the Woman’s Club of Norwood/Northvale. 

Characterwise, Lisa is trustworthy, honest, sincere, and always has her clients’ best interests at heart. In response to people’s questions, she considers good communication habits through text, call, email, or messenger and provides relevant feedback to her clients. 

Here are four real estate questions that Lisa finds essential for you to make your real estate business a success:

  • What Is Your Approach?

Your approach towards real estate is fundamental. It will help you in saving and spending as well as other factors. Lisa uses effective strategies and superior services when offering guidance and a stress-free experience to her clients. Lisa educates her clients on the current market conditions, marketing properties for sellers, locating properties for buyers, and negotiating contracts that are statistically proven to favor the client. 

In addition, Lisa works diligently to keep the transactions on track with town officials, attorneys, lenders, and the client. 

  • What Is Your Motive/Motivation?

Real estate is a business that is attached to many emotions. You, therefore, need to define your motive very carefully. According to Lisa, she works with all due diligence through all stages of buying, renting, selling, or investing. Lisa does it professionally, whether transactions are on track with the town officials, attorneys, lenders, clients, or any other task. As a result, she has a powerful insight into the local real estate market and all that real estate offers. 

Additionally, Lisa works tirelessly to accomplish her clients’ goals using innovative and modern strategies to sell real estate. 

  • Is It Time To Buy Or Sell?

When determining the right time to buy, rent or sell a property, it is good to predict if the homes are rising or falling. It is also good to pay keen attention to mortgage rates. These metrics can play a significant role in determining the period of your purchase. Additionally, it would help if you also asked yourself, “am I able to?”

Well, take an example. It is in the summer that families are settling in new homes before the school year starts. And when you check your market, you realize that it is still high compared to other times of the year. During this period, sellers can be eager to sell. Therefore, you need to take a calculated move against all factors and decide whether it is time to make a purchase. 

  • Is It Time To Rent Or Own?

For most people, choosing to rent or own a home is a significant move that affects your financial health and your lifestyle. However, as much as renting has little to no responsibility and flexibility, many people believe owning a home is more financially sound. 

However, your decision on “when to” should depend on your financial readiness, personal readiness, the real estate market, location, among other factors. 

Additionally, before making this decision, you need to ask yourself, “for how long am I planning to stay here?” “What is the cost of renting Vs. buying?” “Between mobility and putting down roots, which is more important?” “Finally, what are the risks of renting to buying and vice versa?”

Wrap Up

Buying a home can be very stressful but not when you have a good understanding of what you are looking for when buying real estate. Having a person like Lisa that can help educate you and answer all questions is what everyone should have.

Remember that buying a home should be something exciting rather stressful so if at any point you feel stressed out that your questions are not being answered make sure to take a step back and find yourself a great team that can answer all your questions and takes the stress off your shoulders.

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