Nino Sukhishvili

Here Are 5 Things Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Nino Sukhishvili

There are many valuable things every entrepreneur can learn from Nino Sukhishvili. She is a successful viral content creator and entrepreneur. Besides, she is also a model and a social media influencer. Nino acquired her knowledge and skills passionately, and now she applies that at work.

The top 5 common aspects every entrepreneur can learn from Nino are; creativity, persistence, positivity, advancement, and time management. Entrepreneurs can also learn from Nino that failures are chances to learn and become better. Nino sets a good image of the importance of hard work and determination. Additionally, entrepreneurs should not compete with anyone as Nino does.


Nino is creative and innovative. She uses the knowledge and ideas she gains from others to create change in the industry. Nino is also a content creator. Making content calls for high levels of creativity. Nino’s creativity helps her to use social media as a tool to change lives. She started her own company, The Big Nino Production, out of invention. Therefore, entrepreneurs can learn the cruciality of creativity from Nino.


Persistence is the quality of being determined to achieve something. Nino is a persistent entrepreneur. She does not give up easily. Instead, Nino works until she reaches her goals. She has seen a cumbersome transition ever since her ex-husband abused her for being an illegal immigrant with no papers.

It took Nino years to figure everything out. Nino did not give up despite the damage the accusation made to the business. Instead, Nino started afresh with a $5dollars an hour job. She persistently changed new jobs until her persistence bore fruits. Nino found herself working with big companies promising suitable careers. Entrepreneurs can readily learn the power of persistence from Nino.


Furthermore, positivity is another vital virtue entrepreneurs can learn from Nino. This lady views things from a positive light. For instance, she views social media as a beneficial tool despite its disadvantages. Nino has never had anything super negative. When people steal her content, she believes that the act comes from every industry, and the remedy is to overcome it. From Nino, entrepreneurs are alerted to be optimistic if they want to be successful.


Being an advanced type of person is an achievement Nino is significantly proud of. She understood early that the world had gone online. After modelling for a clothing brand in Russia for a little bit, she moved to the United States, worked with photographers and got a few publications. Later she quickly moved her career online. Nino is an open image for entrepreneurs to learn the importance of moving with the advancement of the world.


Entrepreneurs can get the knowledge of time management from Nino. She does not waste her time. Sometimes she does what she loves all day and night. Nino has scheduled her time well such that she creates viral content on multiple platforms and still does other things.

Therefore, the five essential things entrepreneurs can learn from Nino are; creativity, persistence, positivity, advancement, and time management.

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