Here Are Model Natasha Flynn’s Secrets For Maintaining A Fit Body

Being a fashion model is not an easy job. Models have to constantly take proper care of their bodies and skin. They may have won the gene-pool lottery with their bodies and natural good looks. But it takes more than just genes to maintain a runway-worthy face and frame. Natasha Flynn is here to share her tips and tricks that keep her at her best.

Natasha Flynn is a Jamaican-Irish model who was born in Edmonton, Canada. She graduated from the University of Toronto. Natasha has been featured in various top fashion magazines. Her modeling skills are creative and unique.

Natasha says that if you want a model body, start by figuring out what suits your body so that you can tweak your diet and fitness goals to match. You’ll also need to adjust your diet to achieve model results.

Start counting your calories, recognize healthy foods, and make a weekly meal plan to help you stay on track. “Keep in mind that model bodies aren’t the norm. Your natural frame is beautiful and you don’t need to conform to the rigorous standards of that industry.”, she further adds.

Natasha says that if you want to maintain a fit body, you should tweak your exercise plan and diet accordingly. Cardio is the most important aspect, with light strength training. “You want to be lean without gaining a lot of visible muscle.”, she says. Natasha works out five times a week, which is typical for models. Some days will be harder than others, depending on what exercises and muscle groups you’ll be working on. It’s important to take days off to rest your muscles and prevent injury.

A proper and healthy diet is of utmost importance. It is much easier to stay on track if you have a meal plan for the week. Map out what you plan to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks every day. Prepare your food yourself so you will have full control over what goes into it.

But never try to starve yourself, getting enough calories every day is crucial. Eat a balanced diet filled with grains, proteins vegetables, and fruits. Sugar wreaks havoc on your metabolism and health. Try to avoid empty calories and processed carbs and make every meal and snack as nutritious as possible.

Finally, always stay hydrated. “Since you are training so hard almost every day, your body will need all of the moisture it can get to prevent dehydration. Keep a bottle of water on you at all times and sip on it throughout the day.”, Natasha adds. She personally loves coconut water and drinks it every day.

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