Here are the 10 most energizing motivational tips from Personal Trainer Chang-Hun Chung

Chang-Hun Chung

No matter what you do or what field you belong to, finding motivation is one of the hardest tasks for everyone. You need to make sure you’re well motivated for doing something if you want to succeed at it. However, most people find it really hard to get motivated.

Chang-Hun Chung, a professional fitness trainer, who has been mentoring international clients with his amazing fitness programs, reaches out with some motivational tips that are wholesomely energizing. Chang shares his personal experiences and what he has learned during his journey. Here are the 10 most energizing motivational tips from Personal Trainer Chang-Hun Chung:

1.    Mark Your Progress

Chang focuses on marking one’s progress because it’s important to know how much a person is progressing. Whether it’s working out or doing anything else, one should have a chart to mark his progress. This not only allows to adhere to any goals set but also to gain motivation from looking at what has been achieved. Moreover, a person adheres to a routine since he has to reach daily goals. This should be done regularly and without any biasness to promote activeness in oneself.

2.    Balance Your Energy

Well, this is perhaps quite the opposite of what one can expect from a motivating tip. However, according to Chang, people usually let out their energy and enthusiasm during the early days of doing anything. However, as time passes, their energy dies and so does their motivation.

“You should have control over your emotions as well as your energy. One should always be ready for achieving new goals whilst keeping his motivation up every day,” states Chang. Keeping your energy distributed equally for all days makes you motivated for everyday tasks.

3.    Keep Motivational Stuff Visible

It’s not like things work as a mantra or induce motivational waves in your body. However, knowing what you’re doing is for a reason and that reason that remains in front of you will keep the fire burning in you. Whether it’s a note, a photo, a song, or anything else. Chang tells his story of how he was interested in bodybuilding from a young age and looking at fitness professionals, he kept himself motivated every day so that he can become one of the elites.

4.    Collaborate with Others

Another good way of keeping yourself motivated is to be with someone that keeps you motivated and progressing in your journey. People often join community groups or hang out with like-minded friends that motivate each other. That is a great way to keep yourself focused on the goal if you have trouble remaining motivated.

5.    Don’t Just Plan-Execute

One of the many things Chang emphasizes is execution. “People are often spending a lot of time in just planning their activities. At the end of the day, they don’t accomplish anything, and this continues every day until they finally give up on the idea. You should focus on executing rather than just planning. Plan on your routine or get someone to do it but get started right away,” says Chang.

6.    Be Disciplined

Chang-Hun Chung is a licensed nutritionist and an international fitness coach. Training his clients, one of the core foundations that Chang focuses on is being disciplined. “When you’re disciplined, everything is done right. You follow your routine and you’re motivated to follow it because you don’t want to break that perfect streak. Plus, your body becomes naturally adjusted to it too,” says Chang. Keeping yourself disciplined motivates you to adhere to your routines. You don’t wander off to random stuff either do you take cheat days. Once something is planned and execution has begun, be disciplined to keep yourself motivated.

7.    Make Realistic and Achievable Goals

We often see people trying to run immensely fast at the beginning of the race but fail to complete the entire course by running out of breath. As narrated earlier, distributing your energy equally every day is highly important. However, Chang states that setting realistic and achievable goals is even more important.

“People often set the bar way too high. What happens is that they fail because they don’t have the energy nor the skills or knowledge for reaching that goal. In the end, they just give up blaming everything on their fate even though it’s their fault. One should set goals that are achievable and start small. I was once a beginner and it took me a great number of years to reach this point,” states Chang.

8.    Be Rewarding to Yourself

Most people often become too harsh with themselves, overworking and not taking the proper rest. However, Chang states that rewarding yourself with something now and then is motivating too. It’s not like you should take a day off or skip your goals. Make sure you don’t avoid your goals but reward yourself with a trip, a lunch, a movie, a book, or anything that makes you happy. Our mind tends to motivate our body when it’s appreciated. Even when others don’t make sure you keep appreciating yourself.

9.    Small Steps Matter

Chang states that one should start small and then progress to bigger goals. Whether it’s a workout or anything else, make sure to start slow. Give it time, and good things will come to you eventually. All you need to do is to keep yourself aligned with your goals and stay focused because it’s the longest path that takes a person to beautiful destinations.

10.And Lastly, Keep Believing in Yourself

Probably the hardest of all motivating factors is to keep believing in oneself. Chang tells how he kept believing that he’ll become a professional fitness and coach others. “It was hard, but I had my full concentration on my goals. I was focused and most importantly I believed in my ability to overcome all the hurdles. I always tell my clients to believe in themselves first and then remain disciplined with it and it works wonders, trust me.”

Even though it all depends on the person himself, following these motivational tips, one can surely achieve his goals and become successful in life.

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