Here is Changing Landscape of the Energy Industry With This 31 Year Old James Ziegan

As the global energy industry undergoes deep transformation, environmental sustainability plays a critical role in shaping the energy landscape. Renewable energy sources are improving the quality of human life by providing an inexhaustible and enormous energy supply. James Ziegan has been at the forefront of changing how the United States views energy consumption. 

James Ziegan is the owner of Ohio Energy Management. He is a forward-thinking individual who solves companies’ biggest concerns with green energy “cost”. He is experienced and has demonstrated a history of working in the Energy industry—his skills in Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Industry, Sales, Energy Efficiency and Energy Management are impeccable. 

The Come Up

Early in his career, James was a door-to-door salesman. And guess what? The job was sunup till sundown. Everyone in his sales group would only work for hours a day. James could work throughout the whole day resulting in bigger commission checks. Eventually, the group started to mirror his habits, becoming the top-performing group in the country. 

James has always led through example. His hard work has continued to push him to the next level. 

Disrupting The Energy Industry

Ziegan made a name for himself in the industry by utilizing a funding concept for efficiency projects that wasn’t being utilized. This 31-year-old listens to sales approaches and has a trained team that does the same. He is a trustful and easy person to work with and takes radically advanced approaches to complex problems. 

He offers the kind of leadership that will serve as guidance for Gen Z. Ziegan’s company Ohio Energy Management assists contractors in developing new business while providing a solution to drive new revenue from existing customers. This company has since become the fastest growing Energy Efficiency Company in Ohio. 

Ziegan has been able to substantially lower energy costs while reducing carbon emissions at the same time. 

Ziegan has a customer base of 107 businesses with a 99% retention rate. His main focus being to improve the quality of life for now and the future generations. His efforts in lowering carbon emissions for multiple Ohio based companies have been recognized.

Benefits Of Energy Management

James Ziegan energy management has had tremendous benefits. One of the benefits is sustainability. And did you know that sustainable energy management has become a fundamental issue today? James energy management utilizes the LED lighting revolution, slashing energy demand by 40%- 60% and increasing sustainability. 

Additionally, it has also led to the lowering of energy costs through replacing utility-owned infrastructure and passing all savings directly to customers. 

Wrapping Up

Energy is making an essential contribution to people’s quality of life, human progress, and society. James is equipping people with the energy information to join the conversation in landscaping energy matters. Why? Because energy matters to everyone. 

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