Here is why Food Supplements are Necessary: Charanjit Singh Sehmbi

Charanjit Singh Sehmbi is a social media influencer and health activist who is known among many people for his expert advice on health, nutrition, and fitness. It is a no-brainer that your diet and health are correlated and any change in one will definitely affect the other one. According to Charanjit Singh Sehmbi Indian cuisine while being one of the tastiest in the world often has the problem of nutrition deficiency. Furthermore, the addition of processed food and fast food has made it worse for young people. It gets even more problematic for vegetarians and vegans as their diet lacks important protein and minerals. In the current scenario, it is hard to keep track of your diet and near impossible to find out what specific nutrients you lack in your food. This problem can be easily solved by the addition of food supplements to your diet.

So, what are food supplements?

According to Charanjit Singh Sehmbi, “Food supplements are basically organics which are rich in all sorts of nutrient, necessary for our body and it requires an only little amount of them to be added in your food”. This is the most amazing part of it that you need only a little amount of food supplements to achieve your daily quota of nutrients. This also gives you little freedom to try out a variety of the food without worrying about the nutrition aspect of it. Food supplements come in all sort of form, it can be added in your food, mixed with you juice or even taken in form of pills. While it sounds like medicine it just a different route for the same stuff and there is a chemically synthesized part in it, which makes it completely safe to consume even for elderly people and children. You can imagine its impact by the simple fact that the World Health Organization has strongly suggested the inclusion of food supplements to treat malnutrition in children from poor countries. A little tweak of supplements in your regular food can be very healthy for you.

This is why food supplements are necessary for the current generation. Another thing is that food supplements are not at all costly and can be easily available at your local market. Many people even make their own. Charanjit Singh Sehmbi has written many blogs on it and given many interviews on it. You can easily find out what food supplements are best for you by following him there. Charanjit Singh Sehmbi also resolves the queries of people on his social media.

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