Here’s How Entrepreneur Akshay Aggarwal Is Contributing To Help The Nation Fight Against COVID-19

Akshay Aggarwal
While a few nations of the world are managing to control the spread of coronavirus, many countries are still battling to combat the deadly virus. India being the second-most populous nation in the world is fighting against the second wave of COVID-19. Looking at the numbers for a month, India witnessed the highest cases of coronavirus in a day crossing more than 400,000 positive cases.
However, the numbers have now seen a drastic fall with an average of 130,000 positive cases in the country. With the state-wise curfews, partial lockdown and an increase in the vaccination drives; everyone is hoping the situation gets better.
Amidst the darkest times, many entrepreneurs and businesses have emerged as a ray of hope. One such entrepreneur is Akshay Aggarwal who sprung into action by helping needy people on various levels. In such a gripping time when every business got hampered, Akshay let the show run smoothly.
Running a leading food services provider in the Delhi/NCR region, Mr Aggarwal feels fortunate to be able to help the underprivileged people. While the food sector comes under the essential services, Akshay’s company not just made good fortunes but also helped the poor people by distributing meals, ration kits, face masks and hand sanitizers.
Besides initiating various donation drives, the entrepreneur went his way out as he volunteered by arranging hospital beds, medical supplies, plasma donations and oxygen concentrators. Continuing to do such noble deeds, Akshay Aggarwal and his team are constantly reaching out to those families who have suffered severely during the second wave.
“Helping each other and being there for others is what matters in this crucial time. We all must stand for each other and help one another in any capacity. After all, nothing is more powerful than the united effort of humankind”, commented Akshay.
Moreover, the entrepreneur is also running a successful venture into the liquor business; a legacy set by his family. In the time frame of a year, Akshay Aggarwal has not just scaled his business to newer heights but has also learnt various aspects about digitalization that he plans to integrate with his business.
By learning new things and inculcating in his work, the businessman is hopeful to expand his ventures beyond the country’s capital city. Along with his work, his act of philanthropy continues, and that is what makes him one of the most inspiring figures in the entrepreneurial sector.

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