Here’s how Li1 lean aka Gabriel Montes is Leading a Wave of Change With Music!

Gabriel Montes

Latino musician Gabriel Montes aka Li1 has participated in the change of making the world a better place to live in by seeing flaws as marks of diversity and not as gaps to be filled in with gold.

Words if used correctly can make millions of heart beat to the same tune of unity. Combining social media platforms and music as one unit, this latino singer has delivered many songs in English and Spanish breaking stereotypes and invoking a sense of unity where no distance matters, all are one.

Making an entire community proud is no cake walk and this rapper has done this at a very young age without any networks and ensuring maximum outcome from his talent.

He’s a one man army who’s voice and words are enough to reach the billions of heart out there and being in the eye of the public all the time, lean makes sure to spread awareness about mental health in the world so that people don’t keep their struggles to themselves and find it safe to speak out. He’s doing this especially for the teenagers and tell them that they’re not alone.

As we’re normalising the new normal of wearing masks, and sanitising ourselves constantly, Li1 lean is ensuring that topics of mental health, anxiety are not hush-hush topics.

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