Here’s How PromoTix is Disrupting the Ticketing and Live Stream Market

PromoTix is the first ticketing software company to put money back into the pockets of both the event organizers and the attendees with one simple yet powerful solution – zero ticketing fees. 

We’ve all fallen victim to the constantly increasing fees for ticketed events. Eliminating this cost allows organizers to put the money into the event or remove it from the ticket cost. The US Government Accountability Office reported that “ticketing companies charged total fees averaging 27 percent and 31 percent“. Can you imagine how much that costs over time?

By Event Organizers, For Event Organizers

Will Royall, founder and CEO of PromoTix, built the business model on the foundation that any event can be profitable with the right tools. He tested the PromoTix platform on his own event, Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain, and witnessed an increase in ticket revenues and an exceptional decrease in time and resources spent in marketing. 

Now a fully assembled team, PromoTix strives to bring success to event organizers everywhere. 

The All-in-One Event Platform

To throw a successful event, the organizer needs to promote it and sell tickets. If the event is live streamed, the stream must be seamless to build repeat attendees. Event organizers can now avoid using several different platforms to achieve these goals with PromoTix. Their all-inclusive platform contains ticketing, marketing, and live streaming software.

Value through Information

There are other important ways for businesses to bring value to their customers other than saving them money. Beginners to event marketing or live streaming have several free resources available through the PromoTix blog. Visitors can learn vital information to stand out in the live stream industry like how to use Open Broadcast Software.

How will Event Companies Stand the Test of a Pandemic?

COVID-19 halted events as we know it, and event organizers everywhere are now navigating in the “new normal.” Several companies found innovative ways to stay operational during social distancing, but companies like PromoTix have set the bar for success for both during and post-pandemic.

The New Normal for Events

The live stream industry grew tremendously in the wake of COVID-19, and it’s not going anywhere. A survey conducted during the Global Meeting Industry Day shows 62% of event planners will host hybrid-style events (live stream and in-person) from now on. Live streaming is changing the game for events for the better because hybrid-style events will ultimately lead to a surge of attendees and ticket sales.

A company dedicated to bringing value to their customers does more than simply providing space or platform, PromoTix wants to help you achieve your goals. PromoTix is the new event platform on the block that is designed for event organizer education, ease of use, and success.

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