Here’s How Tik Tok Can Blow Up Your Small Business Up Overnight

Ever since social media came to life, it has changed the lives of those who have used it religiously. Gone are the days when social media was an option for small businesses. Nowadays, social media is essentially a requirement to stay in business. In an interview with CNBC, a MasterCard Executive said about 75% of all apparel sales last month were bought online. TikTok is one of those platforms that has the viral potential to blow up your business overnight. 

Here are a few tips to help you grow your business on Tik Tok:

Be consistent

Consistency is key. You can’t post once a week and expect people to click “follow.” You need to keep your brand in the back of people’s minds at all times.

Think Outside The Box

You need to be unique. There are lots of people doing the same thing you are doing. What they need is something different; that little spark that makes you stand out among other people offering the same goods or services.

Use Trending Sounds

Your chances of going viral triple when you use popular sounds that are currently trending. There is a great resource that tracks the latest trending songs and sounds on Tik Tok called Tok Board

Show The Behind The Scenes

Sometimes the behind the scenes of the perfect product is even more interesting than the product itself. This is exactly what people want to see. Showing the process of you packing an order or creating your product in a creative way is much more likely to go viral than a boring video of you promoting your product.

Engage With Every Follower

The most important thing to a follower is to know that they are recognized and appreciated for their loyalty. Answering comments on each video goes a long way in boosting your engagement while strengthening the relationship with your clients.

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