Here’s how you can Sell Your B2B Wholesale Products Online

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The B2B wholesale industry is rapidly growing and, online B2B marketplaces are a great way to expand your sales channels. You can sell jewelry, clothes, electronics, home supplies, etc. to large audiences.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a manufacturer looking to distribute your products to more customers or a distributor looking to expand your sales channels, you can use a B2B marketplace. These online marketplaces have many advantages for sellers. Here are the top 5 ways in which you can sell your products:

Use a B2B online platform

A B2B platform provides your business with an online presence and allows you to promote, grow and strengthen your brand both locally and internationally. One such online platform is Scoutstock.

Scoutstock offers wholesalers and companies the possibility to acquire new customers and trade at an international level. It is possible for companies worldwide to trade with companies in an easy way. This makes the international trade market more accessible for entrepreneurs as well as small and medium enterprises.

Companies can create a free account at Scoutstock. The enterprise offers its products and/or services via a subdomain/company page. 

Find quality leads

If you can find more interested customers in your services and products, subsequent negotiations will proceed smoothly, and the chances of winning orders will increase. When it is coming online, it is necessary to take various measures to acquire high-quality prospects.

Product pricing

Product pricing is an important part of your initial tasks as a B2B supplier. You must set a price that leaves enough of a margin for your customers to make their own profit. Lowering your prices has its benefits but maintain a clear and transparent pricing structure. Your price must also be sufficient to allow you to cover all of your costs and enjoy a profit.

Product range

There’s quite a range of products you can sell as a B2B supplier. Conduct a bit of market research to identify those who fit your target market, how they are likely to buy, and what they may want to buy. Try to target products that either have a relatively short input supply chain or that have local suppliers.


Logistics includes the end-to-end process involved in getting products from your business and into the hands of customers. Online marketplaces like Scoutstock will assist with a built-in platform where you can engage with clients, confirm orders, finalize them, receive payment, and ship the products.

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