Here’s What to Expect from the 4X Latina VC Summit, Part of Congressional Startup Day

4X Latina VC Summit Grit Daily Tampa Bay

The 4X Latina VC Summit is coming to you virtually and in-person during Congressional Startup Day, in Tampa Bay, Florida. The virtual and in-person event, streamed live from Industrious Tampa Downtown, will include in-person panel discussions, demo tables, startup pitching competition, and a VIP Lunch. Attendees will have the privilege of learning from four of the top ten Latina VCs, hosted by award-winning news outlet, Grit Daily. 

The event will cater to agency owners and providers, the financial industry, startup founders, Angel investors and VC, startup enthusiasts, media, and the list continues. The panelists will explore a methodology developed in collaboration with Stanford University to make sound investment decisions. The event will cover all the major bases, including but not limited to marketing, HR, legal and M&A expertise. It will provide a necessary roadmap on how to create a strong, inclusive culture that produces great results. 

There are four panelists to impart valuable lessons, starting with Consuelo Valverde, who’s founder and managing partner of SV Latam Capital in San Francisco. She’s well-regarded as an investor, serial entrepreneur, and electrical engineer with master degrees in computer science and science entrepreneurship. She’s a perfect guide for young entrepreneurs, having started her first company when she was 21. In the years since, she’s founded over 10 companies, worked as a professor, and worked for the Government of the City of Cuernavaca. 

Second, there’s Miriam Rivera, the co-founder and managing director of Ulu Ventures. IT startups is one of her many areas of expertise. Although the list of accomplishments is long, she taught in the Stanford Technology Ventures Program in the School of Engineering. She’s also a part of the Investment Committee of Acumen Fund America, an investment firm that serves the needs of low-income citizens. 

Then there’s the VP of People and Performance at Movile, which is Latin America’s largest tech investment group and accelerator, Luciana Carvalho. She is the engineer behind the firm’s “Movile Way.” It’s culture-building methodology taught to aspiring entrepreneurs in Harvard and Stanford, and it’s a methodology that will be discussed at great length in the panel. Carvalho aspires to inspire young entrepreneurs with internship programs such as the Movile’s Mobile Dream. The program develops young diverse talent. 

Last but not least, Amanda Jacobson, the Chief of Staff for Oyster Financial. It’s a neobank for SMBs that’s co-headquartered in Mexico City and San Francisco. She’s managed portfolios for nine fintech startups for Finlab, which is all about sustainable solutions for financial inclusion. It is an all-star lineup of panelists. Hosting the panel is none other than  Loralyn Mears, PhD, and author and renowned Forbes columnist, Ayurella Muller.  

The summit is a part of Grit Daily’s first annual Congressional Startup Pitch Competition. It’s sponsored by the Industrious Office and Omni Public. Omni Public is a progressive global strategy, public affairs and public relations firm. The company introduces and deploys new technologies, concepts, and ideas into the market place and engaging with government, media and industry. Omni Public has worked with Bird, Ford, and Tesla, to name a few. Industrious Office provides offices for well-known businesses, either temporary or long-lasting. The company prides itself on “thoroughly professional and thoughtfully designed” and “flexible workplaces support teams of all sizes and stages — from startups to Fortune 500s.” Hyatt, Lyft, and Pfizer have worked with Omni in the past. 

Similar to guests attending the event, Grit Daily is committed to introducing and helping diverse voices in the entrepreneurial world. For years, the company has made strides in highlighting women, in particular, in the tech industry. The 4X Latina VC summit is another opportunity for Grit Daily to connect like-minded, ambitious creatives and dreamers. 

On Wednesday, August 11th at 2:30 pm (EST), get a chance to learn from the best at the 4X Latina VC. Register now


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