Here’s What You Need to Know About Facebook Ads in 2022

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Interview with Shameka Volkers, Digital Marketing Expert & Strategist

What has changed with Facebook Ads in 2022?

Facebook collects user engagement and behavior patterns of approximately 2.9 billion monthly active users. It’s very likely that you’ll find your ideal buyer on the platform.

There are a myriad of ways to target audiences based on location, demographics or user interest in your campaigns.

In 2022 the iOS updates made it harder for businesses to run high converting ads, business owners need to get data from multiple sources to make business decisions, and the time it takes to collect audience data has increased.

Businesses can no longer rely solely on Pixel tracking data on ads and will need to adapt to the new environment to run successful ads that create leads and revenue.

What do business owners need to know about Facebook Ads?

Ads alone wont grow your business.

Facebook Ads need to be part of a full thought out marketing ecosystem, ads cannot be looked at in a silo but should be looked at in conjunction with each piece of your marketing efforts.

Ads won’t fix a broken offer, and if you haven’t been making sales already then it’s not time to start running ads. It’s like adding more fuel to your car but the ignition doesn’t work, that car is going nowhere.

What trends and patterns do you see working now?

I see trends in increased data privacy like iOS 14 and iOS15 so businesses need to be agile to get better conversions rates.

I also see trends in increased automation and artificial intelligence. For example makes ad copy faster and easier for businesses.

In the next 5 to 10 years companies will want to be ready to advertise using augmented reality in the Metaverse. Imagine being in the Metaverse and being handed a Coca-Cola by Lebron James. How is your business getting ready to advertise using augmented reality?

What can business owners do to improve chances of success with Facebook ads?

Look at your whole marketing picture and be intentional about leading your buyer to the sale. Before starting to run ads, build out an ad strategy with clearly defined goals.

You will want to be strategic, don’t rely solely on the platform, use email nurture sequences to build rapport and get your audience to know, like and trust you.

Any email marketing used should be full of value so that your audience looks forward to your email communications.

How does someone know they’re ready to run Facebook ads?

Facebook ads can help to grow and scale your business but ads are not an antidote for poor performing offers.

Once you have a proven offer getting organic sales and you have a budget you are ready to run ads.

Another overlooked resource you will also need is time to test your ads.

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