Here’s Why Thousands are Turning to Hither Mann as Their Wealth Coach in 2021

Hither Mann

There is a saying that goes, “financial freedom is having your mind and heart free from the what-if’s of life.” Having the luxury to live life without worrying for money is a goal many strive for but very few attain.

To bridge the gap and help aspiring individuals achieve this life-long goal, business and property investor, financial trader and international speaker, Hither Mann is changing the status quo through her institution, Fortune Academy.

Renowned as the brilliant mind behind Fortune Academy, the world’s first lifetime wealth education provider with over 25,000 students worldwide, Hither Mann is one the world’s most sought after financial educators. Her pioneer work in the financial industry has generated phenomenal impact, elevating the role of women from obscurity in the financial space to a prominent position.

Through Fortune Academy, Hither has impacted thousands of lives, helping her students bridge the gap between endless financial toil and financial freedom. Her motivation for the selfless work comes from watching her parents argue about money, their financial struggle a constant source of worry. Motivated to break out of the rat race, Hither worked hard at school and aced all her exams. However, she soon discovered that formal education and a job was not the way out.

Unfazed, she retraced her steps to learning the art of investment and business, starting out in property investment and then later settling in the financial trading industry. Her determination paid off and ever since 2004, she was making money through her financial investments in various asset classes.

Finally able to live life on her terms with enough financial security, Hither was content with her life. However, that was soon to change after she attended the National Achievers Congress in 2012. At the event, Hither was shocked by the gender disparity and lack of female representation and leadership on the speaking circuits for business and money. She knew then what must be done;  help as many other individuals, especially women see the truth behind wealth creation.

She set plans in motion and a year later, she emerged as the world’s first female creator and educator and became an icon to aspire to for women willing to explore the male-dominated business and financial sector.

In later years, she established the award-winning Fortune Academy, its signature Millionaire Mindset Program and the most ambitious project yet – The Billionaire Project. Through it’s high caliber education and financial mentorship program, Hither and her team of professionals have created millionaires out of middle-class individuals by showing them the changing dynamics in the financial sector.

Her extensive knowledge stems from her Oxford University education in Private Markets and her experience in the financial industry associated with her connections in private bankers, managing directors of Tier one banks, hedge fund owners and financial institutions; an advantage that helps to catapult her mentees up the financial ladder.

The mentorship training program used by the Fortune Academy under the leadership of Hither Mann speak for themselves, with jaw-dropping figures and testimonies from students and past clients. Hither’s expertise as a trading and business coach is second to none and many experts seem to agree.

She continues to receive invitations to grace international stages worldwide to share her knowledge and influence individuals in the pursuit of financial freedom.

Hither Mann’s winning formula for trading, forex, crypto, and business has attracted enrollment by thousands of individuals including both men and women who acknowledge her expertise. She advises her students to take time to understand their relationship with money on a subconscious level. She teaches them how to “reprogram” that before embarking on the wealth creation journey of a lifetime. “ ‘Mindset Before Money’ is our well thought out slogan for Fortune Academy. So the next time you complain that you haven’t got enough money in your life, look inwards before looking outwards.” she explained.

To learn more about Hither Mann, and the Fortune Academy, visit the  official website.  You can also reach out to her via Instagram.



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